Niestety, cos slabo nasz digibyte wypadl w glosowaniu w stosunku do xvg :C

Hello DigiByte Community! Want to help contribute to the new DigiWallet for iOS? We need translators to help us translate the english locale into the locales below. Please PM me your email address and I will send you a invitation that you can use to help us get the new wallet across the finish line. Don't see your language listed? When you email me, tell me what your language is and I'll be happy to add it and you as a translator. The more languages we support the broader the DigiByte reach! Chinese_Simplified-Han Chinese_Traditional-Han Danish Dutch French German Greek Italian Japanese Korean Persian Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Spanish Swedish

Loly is a hyper geolocation dating assistance app that pairs like-minded singles to create experiences in real life. In addition to our AI matching Heat IndexTM, Loly is built on the DigiByte blockchain, allowing consenting adults to verify their agreement that a sexual encounter is consensual and that they are not drunk and have the legal capacity to consent 😂

@DigiByteCoin - international group 😁

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I'm 17 yr

and what are you doing here? Do you even know what DigiByte is?

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I don't know what you say

the group is about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but this one is about DigiByte, have you ever heard about Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies?

Hi, is there a DigiByte Polska twitter? If not it would be great if someone started far we have DGBNetherlands, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, India, and I may be missing a few more

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Digibyte słabo w Polsce wypromowany :(

Jared pisał niedawno na twitterze, że główną przewagą DigiByte nad innymi komercyjnymi projektami jest to, że stoi za nim społeczność. I zgadzam się z nim, ale w takim przypadku nikomu wprost nie zależy na rozwoju tego projektu....

W sumie można byłoby Bęmbenowi wysłać czapkę, koszulkę i coś tam jeszcze od DigiByte haha

Witam! Czy sciagneliscie Digiwallet i go testujecie? Ostatnio przetlumaczylem Digibyte portwel dla iOS i ciekaw jestem czy sa bledy?

Jest Digibyte developer channel na telegramie. Mozna im powiedziec o takich rzeczach jak 'trojkacik'

A co z digibytem. Poleci coś w tym miesiącu czy ni ch...?

od jakiegoś czasu nie udzielam się na "DigiByte Mining" i taki spokój psychiczny mam, że szok 😄

DigiByte (DGB)(Bittrex and Poloniex) Buy Price 0.00000431 Take Profit 20/30% " 21 June 2018. An upcoming DigiByte hard fork that will change some of DigiBytes Mining algorithms to maintain GPU friendliness." Counterparty (XCP)(Bittrex) Buy Price 0.00173606 Take Profit 15/25% " 31 May 2018. All Counterparty holders will receive an airdrop of the new Coinweb coin sometime before the end of May 2018. "

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We are excited to announce the launching of Local Digibyte is a digibyte blockchain platform, that provides buying and selling digibyte instantly in your area. * Multilingual support * Enjoy 50% discount for 1 month when you register * Fast deposits and withdrawal * high performance & Secure platform

Witam,mam portfel DigiByte GO na Chrome wersja V.3.6.3.Po otwarciu pojawia się komunikat,że nie można zaktualizować portfela -błąd sieci.Jak to naprawić?

An important message to all users of the DigiByte core wallet and third party services like mining pools, exchanges, payment providers and wallets. The DigiByte network is expecting an important upgrade to version v7.17.2 on the 21th of July 2019. You need to upgrade your DigiByte core wallet before that to make sure you can send and receive DigiByte after the upgrade. If you don't upgrade, you will not be able to send and receive DigiByte until you have upgraded your DigiByte core wallet to v7.17.2. This has been extensively and repeatedly communicated in all channels multiple times in the last few months. Also all mining pools, exchanges, payment providers and third party wallets have been personally informed and on social media multiple times to upgrade in time. There is absolutely no excuse from any party if they they not have upgraded yet. Of course a lot have done so, read here the known ones: Any mining issues and issues with sending and receiving DigiByte to and from third party services must be replied to them directly with the request to upgrade their DigiByte core wallet ASAP. Also be aware that we have changed the RPC calls to BTC Core 0.17 from version 6.17.2. So if you run an older version than v6.17.2, you also need to upgrade the RPC calls: Here is the source for the DigiByte core wallet upgrade to v7.17.2:
Jared Tate, the founder of DigiByte in debate on Financial Fox
DigiByte on the front page!