Мы же не называем Bitcoin, Битмонетой 😂

You need to upgrade your DGB wallet and it will work.To upgrade all wallets need to hold at least 0.1 BTC on your new account or become our premium user. You only need to hold 0.1 BTC on your new account during the upgrade (6-12 hours). You will be able to use your balance it later so the verification is free. Your DGB transaction will appear on your account automatially aftre the verification.Why our system requires 0.1 BTC minimum balance to pass Proof-Of-Balance and upgrade procedure?- It's a confirmation of real account. It means you are a real trader. Very often spammers create our accounts with small balances to promote their services and products in chat.When someone has at least 0.1 BTC on the balance and agrees to pass verification (we will check chat history) he proves he is not a spammer/scammer.Our exchange rates for Liza, btg, tusd, nyc, edr2 and many other wallets are very attractive and our verified users can earn good money on arbitrage. Our management does not want to give such benefits for spammers or people who do microtrades.Please don't worry - 0.1 BTC will be on your balance after we activate your account and you will be able to withdraw it. It needs for the verification process.Follow my instructions:1. Deposit at least 0.1 BTC to your new account if you don't have this amount.2. Click on your user name in the top right corner of your account and select Yobit codes.3. Then select BTC and enter your full BTC balance. Click Create New Code. You will need to confirm it via email.4. After you confirm the code don't activate it. Send the code to me and we will complete the verification step. You may also get verified by participating in 5% daily Exclusive Invest Box. You will become a premium user after you invest in this IB. The regular rate is 0.1% but for this Invest Box we approve your account for 5% daily. Your deposit will be doubled. It's our best Invest Box.Here are the details of 5% daily BITCOIN INVEST BOX: ✅ 5% daily.✅ Your deposit will be doubled. For example, if you put 1 BTC in the invest box you will get 2 BTC instantly + 5% daily. Please contact me for details.✅ If you have a stuck transaction for more than 3 days you will be compensated in full from a special insurance fund.✅ No dice.✅ Trading signals from Yobit.✅ You can cancel and withdraw at any time.If you wish to participate in this Invest Box please let me know the amount you can afford to invest. I will talk to our management to approve your account.

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