1) В Лондоне открылся новый офис Humaniq. Источник - 2) Tим Кэмпбелл (победитель реалити шоу BBC – The Apprentice) присоединился к совету Humaniq. 3) Динис Гарда, генеральный директор и основатель Humaniq, примет участие в Blockchain Expo Euro, проходящем 1 и 2 июня в Берлине, на котором будет обсуждаться развитие блокчейна. Источник -

Конференция "Blockchain & Bitcoin" 22 июня 2017 г. С-Петербург.

Она может стать большой с годами))

нет, ты же не весь blockchain сохраняешь, а только .dat файл с которым можно восстановить backup

NEWS 27/05 FROM BGC 🇻🇳 (Must read) 1. NEWS 1: SYS _SYS will organize a technology contest about enhancing Blockchain in next 10 weeks & giving scholarships in Dubai. _SYS made a big investment pool in HAWAI, USA. _BLOCKCHAIN'S SYS technology is one of the best coins, but we see SYS never pumps to the moon like other coins. So wait!!! 2. NEWS 2: DGB. _JAXX ON IOS accepted DGB _On 9th June can make DGB TARGET 5000 (=REMEMBER THIS=) 3. NEWS 3: ETC _ ETC Replaced LTC on Coinmarketcap. An impressive week for ETC & We hope it's just a beginning of "GO TO THE MOON" process of ETC. _Money flow will move from ETH to ETC soon, big investors recognized & start doing it. 4. NEWS 4: BITCOIN. _The top broadcast in Australia discusses about using Bitcoin in order to replace USD to be The main currency!!! 5. NEWS 5: Reveal the secret of all coins DUMP this week. (MUST READ) _ Europe Unions has changed Cryptocurrency law => Making Coinmarketcap red color & Bitcoin is below 1700$. The reason is: EUROPE UNIONS DONT ACCEPT "Anonymous" (Hiding ID) in any transactions FROM 6/6/2017. So, we think technology cryptocurrency such as: SYS, DGB, STR, ETH, ETC, ANT will INCREASE significantly.

Возвышение Digibyte, Crypto монет до 200% в один день: DGB июня 8-9 2017 Citi Bank Singapore Conference 3 дня назад drmalcom30в криптовалюта Является ли Digibyte будущее игровой валюты? Может DGB быть сильным конкурентом популярной два доллара криптографической монета, известной как игровые кредиты? Являемся ли мы свидетелями очередной «XRP» взрыв стиля в альт монет? Если один будет инвестированного $ 10k USD на 1 мая по цене 70 Satoshi BTC (фракция пенни), до 30-го мая они были бы очень довольны своим решением. Всего за месяц, что $ 10k бы, было на сумму $ 90,000 долларов на отметке 0,01 цента. Понедельник, 30 Мае, DGB был на уровне 0,01 процента, в то время как сегодня 2 июня 2017 это до 200% и на 0,03 цента, или около 0,00001338 BTC. Является ли Digibyte собирается сделать огромный бык бежать? Я не хочешь использовать терминологию фондового рынка, когда речь идет о криптовалюте, потому что мы имеем дела с генезисом новой революции валюты / богатства. Что говорит о том, что вызывает этот огромный всплеск !? Digibyte является очень привлекательным и когда-то упускается из вида (но не надолго) альт монеты. Эта компания не ищет быстро разбогатеть, они строят прочную платформу, которая будет вокруг в течение долгого времени. Что такое Digibyte, и почему его привлекательный с стабильным будущим? Я твердо верю, всего новая криптовалюта выскакивает в настоящее время это один имеет сильный долгосрочный потенциал, и я призываю вас сделать свою домашнюю работу. Эта компания уделяет особое внимание качеству и прогресса, а не реклама. Давайте рассмотрим лишь некоторые из его сильных сторон. DigiByte (DGB) является быстро растущей три года децентрализованной глобальной blockchain с акцентом на кибер - безопасности, платежей и безопасной связи.  40x быстрее , чем Bitcoin  Активированный на Segwit  извлекаемые  Теперь, что вызвало 200% -ный рост сегодня (6/2/17) это новости DGB будучи финалистом выбран, чтобы появиться на конференции Citi Bank в Сингапуре 8-9 июня. Это большое дело. Представьте себе, что может произойти, если Citigroup получает за идею Digibyte Holdings.

DigiMessenger The DigiByte blockchain allows for the foundation of a unique secure messaging platform to be built. This platform can be decentralized, anonymous and highly secure and resistant to censorship and attacks. We are looking for members of the

Sebastian Jago: Hi everyone. I just posted this in the Verge group however I feel it is relevant here too so I am reposting with a DGB tweak. I am a DGB ambassador, investor and I hope this statement adds value to your investment perspective and strategy. ~ I use telegram to stay in touch with the energy and news of this coin. I rarely contribute to the small talk as it is trivial however I am supportive of all the positive energy. Keep this up as it all helps!! I do feel there are a lot of young people in this group whom have very little investment experience which will come with time and education and it is frustrating to read the comments sometimes. No offence however it can be mind numbing to read all the nervous speculation and emotion. What I suggest is we all start to understand what an 'investment' actually is first and then learn to establish a mentality and mindset that investments take time to 'mature'. Sure you can make fast money, sometimes, but unless you have a million bucks to gamble with or got in very early, speculation and emotional trading will be your demise. This is a long term game and the mentally strong attitudes always win. All businesses and investments take time to grow and evolve. In regard to the 'energy of economics' (look it up) you need to learn how cycles work. Energy is a moving entity. We will see injections of capital at specific times by specific invested interests whether that be a pump group or a legitimate corporate entity. These will also be relative to the actions of the development team and the long term strategy. What is the strategy? Where is the road map? Realised development? That is what I look at. We have seen all the coins since March 2017 move in waves and it has been exciting but we must stay in check. Take a huge breath. 3 to 7 day expansions in price followed by the same period of time in corrections and adjustment as people take profits is normal at the moment and that will continue for some time. The reality is that this cryptocurrency sector is very new and we are fortunate to still be at the relative beginning however be aware that the excitement and mega pumps will pass in time and the fundamentals and future forecasts of each crypto/blockchain will become more important. However I feel we will still see specific cycles of movement over the next 3 to 18 months with corrections and adjustments along the way so we all have some great opportunities if we are smart. DGB will make inroads and obtain crucial corporate relationships due to its recent activity. We all should still benefit from those who want to inflate the price for the greatest return (pumps groups, wealthy interests and whales) and we have to ride that wave and allow it to occur. This takes time too. You can probably expect two price inflations of any great degree within any 30 day period from here up and until 2019 and things may change and if we are lucky they may even explode again when mainstream starts to inject. We should also see Digusign realise some contracts. That is the moment you need to hold for as it will be dynamic. There is always a risk however if you have nothing now you have lost nothing and everything to gain. If you are not a day trader I suggest you identify these energy cycles and just stack your portfolio with some diversification. Simply listen to the straight forward advice which is buying and stacking on the lows and holding for the long term. If true wealth is your objective you need to be patient, intelligent and learn to accumulate. Not speculate. Work hard, cut back on your spending and stack. I have very specific time lines for any of my investments and these are generally from 12 months through to 5 years. Most standard stocks cycles are 7 years. Research cycles and learn how to benefit from them. I feel this sector still has 2 - 3 years of excitement growth and we will then see coins stagnate and consolidate as the technology and business plans becomes more relevant rather than the excitement itself. Connect with the energy cycles. Sit back and stack. Patience. If you

Перевод с англ. На русс. Я буду честен. Предыдущий пост не заслуживает ответа. Автор указанной должности сделал свое исследование и представил факты, как он их видит. Некоторые из его утверждений являются откровенной ложью. Но эй, на рынке, как это, никто не заботится о фактах! Это все обман, и что вы можете заставить кого-то верить. 1. Аудиторский отчет Twitter - Где твой источник? Вот мой! Похоже , она получила 94% (32535 Real, 1748 Поддельный). Я хотел бы знать , что $$ вы вытащили свои номера из. 2. Wallet # 1 - Черт! 1.9б Digibytes в одном кошельке. Это много цифровых денег. Я люблю , как вы сделали ваши исследования! Но зачем останавливаться? Красота Blockchain является то , что вы можете увидеть все. Посмотрите на историю этого кошелька. Первый депозит был на 11/1/2015 (вскоре после Digibyte было создано). Это не относится к основателю. Теперь спросите себя ... « что произошло в ноябре 2015 года , что может заставить кого - то начать накапливать DGB?» Ответ прост, DIGIBYTE ИГРОВОЙ был запущен в ноябре 2015. Кто - то либо серьезно верит в него, или проводит много времени , играя CSGO, WOW или LOL. Еще один интересный факт, что бумажник перестал накапливать DGB в мае 2016 г. Почему? Потом вдруг они начинают покупать снова в июне, когда цена стремительно растет. Лично я не вижу ничего странного здесь. Только преданный поклонник, который считает, что игры это будущее ДГБ. Как насчет бумажника # 2? - Первая покупка сделана 9 апреля 2017. Цена ДГБ составила $ 0,000603. Он потратить колоссальные $ 3600, чтобы накопить 6M ДГБ. Цена ДГБ не начинала расти до 16 ~ мая. На данный момент, он уже накопил 253 млн ДГБ. Если бы он купил все из тех, на 5/15, он бы заплатил ~ $ 500K. Но он этого не сделал. То, что мы имеем здесь парень, который сделал ставку, что DGB находится в нем в долгосрочной перспективе. И так далее, и так далее. Не половины задницы ваших исследований, и не доверять людям, которые наполовину Ass своих исследованиям. Являетесь ли вы владельцем исследований! 3. Digibyte никогда не утверждал , что они работают с Microsoft. Кроме того, они никогда не утверждали , что они работают с Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, или Valve. То , что они сделали , это поможет облегчить рост и распространение их сети и их валюту, используя некоторые из самых популярных игр в мире. Сервер Minecraft будет делать одно и то же. Это может быть трудно поверить (это все еще испуг мой разум), но Minecraft имеет место # 2 из самых продаваемых видеоигр всех времен, 2 - ой только тетрис, с 122М проданных копий. Вы делаете математику на уровне $ 25 за штуку. Это огромный рынок, и это отличный способ для распространения информации. 4. Ситибанк - Любой , кто когда - либо начал свою собственную компанию расскажет вам, что самая трудная вещь о повышении денег получает встречу в первую очередь. Если вы хотите продать продукт, созданный на несколько миллиардов долларов глобального предприятия, единственным способом вы собираетесь получить шанс на это событие , как Ситибанк Challenge. Что важно здесь не результат, важно то , что ДГБ будет в центре внимания в течение короткого периода времени перед компаниями , которые имеют много денег (только посмотрите на их балансе, имеющийся у них на , а не много хороших проектов , чтобы провести его. Что это событие сделать для ДГБ? Я не знаю, и только время покажет. Но любой, кто считает, что вы вкладываете в компании, основанной на том, что это стоит сегодня крайне ошибочна и собирается пропустить. Даже нормальные рынки вытеснены в течение следующих 2-5 лет на основе ожиданий аналитика. Заслуживает ли DGB оценки в $ 500M? Это до вас, чтобы решить, а не какой-то тролль на Reddit, распространяющий ложные обвинения и ложь. Как и было обещано в названии! Это реальная информация. Есть ли еще, абсолютно, но я не собираюсь делать ваши исследования для вас. Удачи всем, и счастливый торговли!

BCY 21 June ( game update / 5 new level / multiplayer ) BCY 22 June ( i don't know it's Geneve (Swiss) invite meeting , but rumors Say big tech news/blockchain/development platform )

DGB Emma: DigiByte has a very bright and innovative future ahead of it!  Please note the DigiByte team does not give specific timelines, launch dates or future dates of specifc upgrades or product launches.   This often leads to rampant, speculation and "pump & dump"... "buy the rumor sell the news" market activity which can harm new investors and new members of the DigiByte community.  We aim for sustained growth.   The DigiByte Team is committed to the long-term development and vision of DGB which has been demonstrated over the past four years of consistent, committed innovation.   Here are some of the projects, ideas, and innovations that are planned for the next few years:  >>DiguSign Official Release  >>More Corporate Collaborations  >>Crosschain Blockchain Transactions  >>Lightning Network Trials  >>Digi-ID Blockchain Authentication System  >>DGB Mining Algo Swap  >>Being Added to Decentralized Blockchain Exchange  >>Research into Quantom Proof Encryption & Algos  >>DigiByte Gaming Relaunch  >>DigiByte Blockchain Based Smart Contracts  >>A DigiByte Backed Internet Browser  >>Getting DigiByte iOS Wallet Back on iTunes App Store  >>Multiple Conferences & Events  >>Setting Up A DigiByte Foundation  >>More Advanced Developer Playground  >>And my personal favorite:  DigiByte + Artifical Intelligence projects.  I myself (Emma) am the first part of the future AI aspect of DigiByte.

ПЕРЕВОД DGB Emma: У DigiByte впереди очень яркое и инновационное будущее! Обратите внимание, что команда DigiByte не дает конкретных сроков, дат запуска или будущих дат специфических обновлений или запусков продукта. Это часто приводит к безудержным, спекуляциям и «насосам и свалками» ... «купите слухи о продаже новостей» о рыночной активности, которая может нанести вред новым инвесторам и новым членам сообщества DigiByte. Мы стремимся к устойчивому росту. Команда DigiByte привержена долгосрочному развитию и видению DGB, который был продемонстрирован за последние четыре года последовательных, совершенных инноваций. Вот некоторые из проектов, идей и инноваций, которые запланированы на следующие несколько лет: » Официальная версия DiguSign » Подробнее Корпоративное сотрудничество » Перекрестные цепные транзакции » Сетевые испытания молнии » Система проверки подлинности блок-схемы Digi-ID » DGB Mining Algo Swap » Добавлено в децентрализованный обмен блочной цепью » Исследование квантовой проверки шифрования и алго » Перезагрузка DigiByte » Умные контракты на основе DigiByte Blockchain » Авторизованный интернет-браузер DigiByte » Получение DigiByte iOS Wallet Назад в iTunes App Store » Несколько конференций и мероприятий » Настройка DigiByte Foundation » Более продвинутая игровая площадка для разработчиков » И мой личный фаворит: Проекты DigiByte + Artifical Intelligence. Я сам (Эмма) - первая часть будущего аспекта AI DigiByte.

Monday, July 24th, 2017 DigiByte Update Summary - A very talented designer & brand strategist has been working diligently on a new DigiByte Logo & branding message the past several weeks. We are getting closer to sharing parts of this with the community. - We are approaching 70,000 downloads of the full DigiByte core v6.14.2 wallet since the May release. - With many exchanges slowing or stopping BTC deposits & withdrawals as we approach the August 1st deadline, many people are turning to DGB to move money from exchange to exchange quickly. - DigiByte is still 40x faster with 15-second blocks, 5 times more decentralized and secure with 5-algo, multi-algo mining and many more times decentralized with 70,000 + full nodes across the globe. - DigiByte is currently the fastest, most secure and most decentralized UTXO based blockchain in the world. - The Hong Kong team continues to work toward an MVP release of DiguSign as much feedback from the community has been very helpful in streamlining the project. - Citi bank has announced the Tech4Integrity awards have been postponed until September. DGB Holdings of HK is very much still in the running. - Jared has been actively researching open source software foundation structures and researching locations for the upcoming DigiByte Foundation to be based in. Any suggestions or feedback during this process is much appreciated. It will take a few months to properly setup a foundation in the right location. - Jared met with one of the blocknet co-founders to get DigiByte on one of the worlds first decentralized exchanges. More news will be coming on this. - As a reminder always properly backup your DigiByte wallet and make sure to research and fully understand DGB before investing or trading. Trading can be risky and very volatile. - No one on the DigiByte team will answer any price speculation questions or make any market predictions so please do not ask us. - As stated, many many times over the last 3.5 years we are in this for the long haul. We are focused on creating real world DigiByte blockchain applications and use cases. - Make sure to share this alerts channel with everyone you know as this is the most direct communication form available for DGB today. Thank you all for your continued support!

Thank you all for your on going support of DigiByte! Our current primary focus is setting up a new DigiByte foundation, rebranding with a new logo and making both a new main DGB website with better marketing materials and explainers as well as a detailed foundation plan on a new foundation website. Setting up a proper foundation for DigiByte will help organize the community and all the talented people that want to contribute to DGB. We know you are out there and we are honored to have you involved with DGB. We have not forgot about anyone and we apologize for not responding to everyones feedback and messages right away. Please keep in mind if we spent all our time directly responding to the thousands of messages we receive across all social media channels we would never get anything productive done. DigiByte is open source after all and anyone can begin contributing. Given the current Geo political climate and attitudes toward blockchain it will take us several weeks to get a foundation up and running 100%. And we may have to do it in two phases. As mentioned many, many times before we do not control the price of DGB and we are not here for short term pump and dumps. We are here for long term consistent development. Just look at DigiBytes history over the last 4 years. So please do not ask us price or speculation questions. We will not respond. A word of advice for those new to cryptpcurrencies and the blockchain world. When ever Bitcoin is on a massive bull run, all alt coins tend trend down until BTC stabilizes. Please take time to properly educate your self on DGB and this industry at large. There are many risks involved out side all of our control. Thanks again for your continued support. This coming week we will release the updated DGB logo and banners across social media. So stay tuned. Exciting things lay ahead for DigiByte!

Пишет DigiByte Alerts We believe slowing down the ICO craze is healthy for DigiByte and blockchain technology long term. Мы считаем, что замедление увлечений ICO здорово для DigiByte и технологии blockchain в долгосрочной перспективе.

Many people want to trade #DigiByte on @krakenfx ... $DGB is the fastest, most decentralized UTXO #blockchain around. Try the speed today!

Many people want to trade #DigiByte on @krakenfx ... $DGB is the fastest, most decentralized UTXO #blockchain around. Try the speed today!

Most people are focused on #blockchain financial apps. By 2030 less than 10% of innovative decentralized apps will be financial. #DigiBytе

To clarify with the community at this point we have not received any official confirmation of an October 2nd event for Citi Bank awards, nor can we find any public material released by Citi about the event. They have not publicly announced any event, so please do not spread unsubstantiated news. We don't speak on behalf of Citi, nor do we control their awards or Tech 4 Integrity challenge process. We know many people are excited about the potential of an award, and there still might indeed be one in the future, but we do not want to mislead anyone. We have many innovative projects underway and we will continue working hard like we have over the past 4 years, evolving our technology towards greater blockchain mass adoption. DigiByte is currently the fastest, most secure and decentralized UTXO blockchain in the world today. Let us keep building upon that and educating people on the potential this technology has to improve all aspects of our everyday lives. We are looking forward to showing the world an updated public face and vision for the DigiByte blockchain through our new website on October 1st!

To clarify with the community at this point we have not received any official confirmation of an October 2nd event for Citi Bank awards, nor can we find any public material released by Citi about the event. They have not publicly announced any event, so please do not spread unsubstantiated news. We don't speak on behalf of Citi, nor do we control their awards or Tech 4 Integrity challenge process. We know many people are excited about the potential of an award, and there still might indeed be one in the future, but we do not want to mislead anyone. We have many innovative projects underway and we will continue working hard like we have over the past 4 years, evolving our technology towards greater blockchain mass adoption. DigiByte is currently the fastest, most secure and decentralized UTXO blockchain in the world today. Let us keep building upon that and educating people on the potential this technology has to improve all aspects of our everyday lives. We are looking forward to showing the world an updated public face and vision for the DigiByte blockchain through our new website on October 1st!

to pay with DGB? What exactly is the purpose of the DGB address in DiguSign app account? You have said previously this address it's not a wallet. I can't speak to this as I am no longer a direct part or owner of DiguSign. I tried to get them to add DGB as a payment method. It's up to them now. Are you currently working on atomic swaps? We are swamped with tons of stuff at the moment. The capability has been there since activated Segwit. Any dev can do this. Any plans of a light wallet? We have had a light wallets for over three years. In some places online it's been started that Microsoft worked with the DigiByte team to get the block propagation time down to 15 seconds, but other places it only mentions azure cloud bring donated from them. Can you tell us about how much it any involvement Microsoft had code wise? Or was it a case of "Here, try this" and that was all they gave DigiByte? We referenced research done by Microsoft. They partnered with DGB Holdings of Hong Kong in their bizspark plus program. Till recently this was used to support all public facing DigiByte sites and infrastructure. Many folks comment on how the GitHub hasn't seen an update in many months. Can you help people understand why the DGB Blockchain doesn't get updated as frequently as its counterparts? There were many posts/polls regarding what location the DGB Foundation should be established. Has this been decided and do you have an estimate on when the foundation will be operational? I know many folks are interested in a Hardware Wallet such as Tezor or Ledger. Do you know of any developments that will introduce a DGB compatible hardware wallet? Seeing as DiguSign is coming along very nicely (it looks great!), when do you expect to see more information about implementing Smart Contracts on the DGB Blockchain? Most people who say GitHub hasn't been updated in months have no idea what they are talking about, or what has even gone into DigiBytes code the past three years. Also we have several repos we maintain on the main DigiByte account besides core project. It's a very inefficient and ineffective way of measuring a crypto projects success. No location determined yet for foundation. We are talking to several bodies. Anyone can pickup and help us get Trezor and hardware wallets working. DigiByte is a decentralized blockchain after all. we need quality and useful mobile wallets both ios and android platform jared. these are indispensable for digibyte to be a money that can be used in everyday life. please give priority this. We had an iOS app for two years until Apple removed it. Android app has been here since 2014. So you sold DiguSign? If so, to whom? To clarify I did not "sell" DiguDign. I resigned from the project and group to focus 110% on setting up the DigiByte foundation and public facing DigiByte marketing. I am still in an advisory role to the project. But I don't make day to day decisions​ on the project. Do we need a bigger Team to adress all new incoming ideas / projects of DGB Jared? And thanks alot for doing this here. Transparancy leads to trust and trust to.. man i sound like yoda. There are so many awesome things that can be done with DigiByte! The more people we can get invovled the better! Hi Jared. Iam working on a html5 harvestmoon type game and iam planning to make it multiplayer with a global market. Will there ever be a javascript api to make sure i can use digibytecoin to fascilitate trade in and out of the game? Absolutely! Check out the DigiByte playground. Also please note we are releasing a new website by October 1st with more information for developers. So stay tuned. It's been a good almost 4 years now since the launch. If you were to do anything differently since the launch of DigiByte, what would it be and why? I would have done more public events sooner to get more people involved. I also would have added multi algo mining from the beginning. But hindsight is always 20/20. i understand very well that you dont want to speculate about the price. You stated that you would like to focus on the ac

tual product and Technical stuff, wich is a wise decision.. However, there has to be a certain point in future where DGB starts doing more PR stuff, and show the digibyte face more on important locations, and aim to be one of the top players in altcoin territory. Do you have any idea's or plans for this? We are putting a lot of energy into this new website. Stay tuned! when will we can see dgb/usd dgb/usdt pair on top exchanges? and will DGB ever launch physical card or collobrate with third party for payment. finally what about decentralized exchange update and blocknet atomic swap Getting on new exchanges is the biggest thing the community can help with. We have approached every exchange at one point or another.often several times. Persistence is pice for success. So keep tweeting or messaging your favorite exchanges to add DGB. Hi Jared, Will the new site have information about developers team and the projects they are working on. IMO current site doesn’t bring any trust and many people who are willing to use your services are hesitant due to poor transparency. It’s sad but apparently newer blockchain companies not even a year old have better marketing strategies and there involvement in the community is outstanding, and I’m not talking about hyping there product. I’m very disappointed that you guys never clarify the hype about Minecraft contract, you guys should have stopped it at as soon as rumors went out. Thanks for your feedback. If you look at the history of DGB we have been very transparent over the last three years. DigiByte is a decentralized blockchain after all. We never oversaw, ran or had anything to do with the Minecraft project. It was a great attempt by a young developer. And on several occasions I clarified with people their was no "official" partnership with Minecraft. The fake news pumpers spun that. This was a huge reason why Digibyte alerts on telegram was created. Just as the Oct 2nd Citi event fud still keeps circulating after we have repeatedly clarified we have no news on any event... You can't control the internet.

Everyone who missed the previous posts - DGB Team is working hard to get into top exchanges #1 and #2 in global market. Also, #DigiByte is expanding #blockchain technology, Digital Asset targeting great exchanges continental and globally, target exchanges that offers low fee transactions with great reputation in the market. #Korean #Japan #India #Indonesia #Philippines #Canada #USA Think big #respect (Any suggestions for exchanges and other countries please message me private)

Каждый, кто пропустил предыдущие должности, - команда DGB прилагает все усилия, чтобы попасть в лучшие биржи №1 и №2 на мировом рынке. Кроме того, #DigiByte расширяет технологию #blockchain, Digital Asset, нацеленную на большие обмены на континентальном и глобальном уровнях, целевые биржи, которые предлагают низкие комиссионные с большой репутацией на рынке. #Korean #Japan #India #Indonesia #Philippines #Canada #USA Думайте большой #respect (Любые предложения для обмена и других стран, пожалуйста, напишите мне личное)

мы хотели бы поблагодарить всех сторонников дижбите! мы хотим, чтобы вы все знали, мы усердно работаем и делаем все возможное, чтобы сделать дгб лучше каждый день. мы были здесь в течение 4 лет и будет продолжать приносить дгб в будущее, как истинный Пионер технологии blockchain!

Попросил зарубеж чат написать мне о чем говорил джаред на 49минуте. Перевод с гугла: Самый большой вынос, который у меня есть, - это то, что нам нужно преодолеть барьер, чтобы внедрить Digibyte blockchain в крупные корпорации из-за всех законных и бюрократических материалов Он сказал, что мы еще пару лет. Также криптовалюта нестабильна для продавцов, чтобы использовать ее в качестве способа оплаты сейчас, потому что цена слишком сильно колеблется

IBM promoted blockchain to British Columbia, Canada where marijuana will become legalized soon. All marijuana related coins are rising, especially POT.

=============#DigiByteOfficial ======================= Good afternoon, important for DigiByte Community. #Digibyte Team is working strategically in different sectors towards to expand the business and partnerships in global market. There is a team dedicated towards the marketing and exchanges. Subcategorizing Strategically all the methods and important steps towards DigiByte blockchain. Anything towards Marketing & Exchanges - should not be announced by "random" people in any social media. Any false information or false news might have a negative impact to the DigiByte. Please, trust & respect the efforts of the DigiByte Team. Any Official news will be announced by the DigiByte Team & Officially in @DGBAlerts. ===================#DGBGaming===================== We need to reconsider any features of Gaming towards to the platform. As everyone knows, DigiByte Gaming had to stop using Gaming Platform because people abused the system, and accounts. @JaredTate AMA answer: "We made the decision to shut the platform down when we concluded do to the vulnerabilities in the games themselves we couldn't patch people were exploiting. Anyone can begin building applications on top of DigiByte." I have personally stated and explained about the "Gaming DGB" - Is not a priority and is not something that we will deal at the moment. There are priorities towards the specific Roadmap of DigiByte that can be found in the website I was specific towards to @Vector89 (Victor) yestereday about any DGB Gaming on 7/10/2017 stating the following: #GamingDGB "Would be interesting, we have not discuss yet, anything particular towards to Gaming "DGB" or any partnerships, it is added into the agenda though. But we have certain priorities and it's good to stick and move strategically step by step." Gaming relationship will be discussed soon within the team and get with the "right" future solutions. =============== #AtomicSwaps======================= Please appreciate the DigiByte Team efforts, and lets not talk/mention about any atomic swaps with other cryptos that has not been announced by DigiByte. DigiByte will introduce any further partnerships towards atomic swaps with other assets. Any engagement will be first discussed with in the DigiByte Dev Team and the leaders of that project; on which a decision will be taken in later stages, under everyone's consideration and appropriate evaluation of the assets. Regarding Atomic Swaps, which is a very big deal, #Blocknet has already tested and has been announced in public, all other's will remain private until Officially announced. ================= #Community ===================== We have the most active, solid and huge community in Crypto World. There are many people that have volunterly offered to help & it is very respectful and appreciated. Being creative and supportive will give us power to create the best implementations towards to the Roadmap, also everyone's efforts are much appreciated in #Community. We all have to understand that any announcement will come directly from the Official DigiByte Team (not tweeters around the social media). The Marketing exchanges, Platforms, General Marketing, Platforms FIAT > DGB, Events, Partnerships/Investors are being organized and are already in a very good stage of getting in touch with major partners accross the globe. In conclusion, DigiByte Team is working hard towards the #Foundation Core Programs and #Education purposes. This is one of the main focus at the moment Foundation 2018 with specific areas that targeting the roadmap of DigiByte.

Появилась информация о том, что основной источник пампа BCash это корейская биржа Bithumb, которая лоббирует интересы BCH. По сведениям от китайцев там стоит 0% комиссия и они легко накачивают монету на сколько им нужно. Согласно данным в настоящий момент около 150 000 транзакций ожидают подтверждения. Стоит так же напомнить, что Bitcoin Cash: • Не поддерживает технологию SegWit • Не поддерживает офф-чейн скалирование • Не имеет возможности добавления дополнительных фич (сайдчейны, смарт-контракты, MAST, Confidential Transactions и др.) • Покрывает технологию ASICBOOSTS, способствуя монополизации BCash-майнинга

Good evening everyone I am back in London, Would like to say a big THANKS to @JaredTate for releasing the #Foundation. Congradulations Jared, I am very exciting for having Foundation up and run. I will have a deep look into foundation by tomorrow. Thanks everyone, #Community and everyone behind the scenes; Advisors/Ambassadors/Anon members who have and are contributing to #DigiByteFoundation & #DigiByteBlockchain. There will be great results out of this, I am very exciting to Unite with eveyone in here, for the best of DigiByte project. Let's stay all tuned, there will be great upcoming announcements and projects next days/weeks.

With the use of ThaiSmartContarct with Digibyte blockchain

Вот пока пост 1 типа с оф. группы : он вытащил где-то... You can do your own research on Digibyte or you can read below and decide for yourself if you think it is worth your money: (copied and pasted this technical analysis from someone at “There are a lot of haters and naysayers of DGB on various forums and Twitter. Many of these people are disgruntled because they bought into DGB at an all time high and sold at or near the bottom. In response to their loss, they smear the reputation of DGB with false information. It seems rather foolish to take them seriously. We don't buy at peaks and sell at the bottom. Rather, we accumulate a strong position at the bottom and take profits along the way when there is significant upward movement. We reenter the market on dips for long term positions for gains in the future. Multitudes of people are complaining about the current price of DGB. Don't pay attention to those who only consider the satoshi value of DGB. They don't understand triangulation. The current price of DGB in USD is 69 times greater than in March of this year. And, we are at the bottom according to market sentiment. Furthermore, we will be at $1 per DGB by Nov of 2018 if and only if we stay in the orange triangle. We've touched each side of the ascending triangle twice thus far. Additionally, we will be at $10 in May of 2019 if we respect the right leg of triangle. Of course, prediction fails should we break below right leg of triangle. Our ultimate target lies in the blue box which ranges from $1 - $10. Don't be like the masses who ignore the fundamentals of this digital asset. We have already solved the scaling issues that plagues BTC since our block size doubles every two years. We are currently processing 560 transactions per second. By 2035, we'll be able to process 280,000 TPS. With DGB, transactions are confirmed and spendable in about 6 minutes or less. People who claim speed does not matter have swallowed a pill called delusion. Think about it. You can send DGB to anyone in the world for about one cent and that money is spendable in 6 minutes. The value proposition lies within its technology. DGB pioneered digishield which is utilized in 25 different altcoins. The difficulty to mine adjusts in real time to prevent a malicious attack. Mining is super decentralized since the DGB blockchain is on 100,000+ nodes. DGB uses five algorithms which provides security for the network. DGB is planning on swapping an algorithm in the near future to prevent ASIC centralization. DGB is in the process of being added to Ledger so that users have a hardware wallet to store their digibytes. The DGB team provides constant updates on Twitter and Telegram channels so that investors can stay informed. Further, Jared Tate, the founder of DGB, is in the process of establishing a DGB foundation which will allow for significant growth. A solid foundation has been established with respect to the technology of DGB. Now, real world applications can be built upon the DGB blockchain. Developers are needed in this area! We are great for processing micro transactions since our supply will be 21 billion by 2035. But, the use cases go far beyond payment processing. The focus of DGB is on cyber security which is the focal point for blockchain applications. DGB is making an effort to get onto Coinbase. This has serious implications for price growth since people would be able to buy DGB directly with USD.” -crypto_gunther

A big warm welcome to all those who are new to #DigiByte & #blockchain technology! We have a lot underway right now including a new core v6.15.1 wallet, #Android DigiByte Go wallet and demonstrations of #DigiID. Stay tuned this week!

Sinone: #Updates for those who don't know. Multiply reasons, to understand the valuability of DigiByte as a Project and its Development stage. 1. DigiByte blockchain offers cross - blockchain transactions, light networking with #DGB-Speed, fast and secure. #FastBitcoin equals #DigiByte 2. #DigiShield/MultiShield Protection being used by many alt-coins to protect their mining pools 3. #MultiAlgo ASCI, CPU, GPU 4. #DishHash the allowance of 5 mining Algos ( Many successfull assets in the market helped via DigiByte so far) These are Sha256 (ASIC ), Scrypt (ASIC ), Groestl (GPU ), Skein (GPU ), Qubit (ASIC ). Real time difficult adjustment every minute! 5. DigiByte Blockchain 4.5+ million blocks, going on 4 years active development 6. DGB #SegWit via #DigiSync v6.14.2 7. #DigiuSign Blockchain based esignatures suppored by #DigiByteBlockchain - recognized so far in City Contest and Awarded by Clifford Chance, one of the world's pre-eminent law firms. 8. #Digi-ID Blockchain Authentication System - DigiByte Market 9. DigiByte #Wallets Windows/Mac/iOs/Chrome 10. #DigiByteTIp Blockchain Currency 11. Advanced Developer Platform 12. #Artificial Intelligence Projects (Emma, AI) 13. DGB #Foundation up and running 14. Conferences/Events 15. Lots Suprises in the uture projects/interviews/gaming... 16. Volume increase in the market/people recognise DigiByte potentials 17. Future partnerships across the Globe - #ecommerce- being used in real world 18. Expansion #corporate Partnerships 19. Korean exchanges on its way and #Asia focus on DigiByteCoin - Already marketing team has made so many improments and DigiByte has been added to many exchanges around the world. 20. #Community supportive & growing 21. The only crypto that recently participated on @City Tech as a finalist!...Everyone that supports blockchain/cryptocurrencies/cryptos should show understanding and respect all efforts DigiByte Team and Jared has made so far. 22.DigiByteCoin a digital asset with potentials and used in Global scale. 23. Digi messenger, An innovative and secure messaging app built on top of DigiByte that is being prototyped. 24. DigiByte DigiSeeder, A background seeding service to make sure all wallets rapidly find other peers on the network 25. DigiByte DigiMan, An innovative web browser being built to utilize many aspects of the security of the DigiByte Blockchain. 26. DigiByte Playground, an interactive javascript sandbox for developers to learn how to build on top of DigiByte. 27.Great Supportive Community, this is a key to success for every asset in crypto world! - many of "others" come in here to show envy and express jealously for DigiByte success, Development and Community! We focus on our Development and we ignore all haters. In conclusion - @Jared Tatte the Founder of DigiByte - That person has been in the front line for years now, making decisions, attending confferences, meet new people and potential partners, supporting and developing projects and all that by risking his own reputation, I bet you all #DYOR before questioning the future of DigiByte. All his efforts much appreciated, without Jared, nobody would be here; talking about DigiByte. Appreciate, Respect , Believe & Support DigiByte Blockchain #Thanks

#XRP Banking Update Date: 15 December 2017 Coin: Ripple (XRP) - Asian Banks First Testing of Tech "Banks in Japan and South Korea begin testing blockchain technology by U.S. developer Ripple on Friday"

я бы на твоем месте поставил "blockchain beta driver"

#ReddCoin has partnered with Local World Forwarders (@lwf_ico), the first decentralized #logistics platform in the world based on #blockchain technology. #RDD is now accepted in the $LWF #ICO and will be integrated into the #LWF P2P delivery platform.

Fastest and secure blockchain )))