Double topBearish

Coach Julian

Triple top? I'm short from 7950.

Chris (ˆڡˆ)
He never said anything wrong.

I’m not implying you should say the wrong thing, but sometimes it’s better to say nothing.

Exiting times!!! I am at.....-60% as always.

I bought more dgb today lol.

If I had more money to spend today i would buy more too

0.0125 is realtively cheap. 160 sats is cheap too. I think :)

I expect 3steps forward, 2 back, 3 fw,2back and so on and we went back from 180 to cca 150. This way i expect cca 220 and then back 200

yeah it is, if he openly clashes with the binance ceo, that’s not exactlygoing to get you listed l

We don’t need binance..coinbase would be nice.jared wasting energy on talking about binance should stop an anyone else hating on need to bash anything that Dgb people don’t agree with. we just move to DGB..

Anyway we can unban T1665 he’s asking nicely. I know we banned him for bad behavior but I personally believe everyone deserves another chance @TheUnamatrix

Why did you ban that guy ?

Kkk K
Why did you ban that guy ?

He was being a troll. I remember him. But he was also speaking about DGB.

Somebody mentioned his mom, and when he punched back you banned him ?

I don’t know. I don’t remember the story but I’m speaking for him to get him unbanned. The ban is a community vote.

A community like this will probably take 1000 year to promotes its ideas

Kkk K
Speak for yourself, i need binance

I would choice coinbase over binance any day cause of how easy it is to use the app.people getting into crypto get coinbase first.either way Dgb people attack both.

Cuz they are listed in neither one

Kkk K
Cuz they are listed in neither one

Will never get listed if you attack it constantly.

Coinbase looks at top 50 coins so it’s their fault Dgb isn’t in top 50 an the community aggressively tweets them nonstop?binance wants a fee,don’t pay it cool move on that’s how they do business regardless of if you like it or not

They consider us toxic now, i consider 80% of the community is toxic to be honest

Kkk K
They consider us toxic now, i consider 80% of the community is toxic to be honest

I consider that to be very untrue. There are some people that are negative but that is common in all communities. Where are you getting your numbers from?

Im estimating the numbers from my experience and through twitter conv

You want me to be a hidden agent and go through dgb accounts and test them ?

People tend to put a lot of weight on negative stuff when that's maybe as few as 2% of people...

Just go in twitter

Find a dgb guy

And you assume 100% of dgb people are active on twitter?

Look at his tweets “so nice and polite” and suddenly watch him mentions binance or coinbase look how aggressive and toxic he is

“80%” of them

Anyone who is mentioning those guys if he was from dgb community he will talk bad about them

So you assumr that 80% of the 1695 folks in here are toxic?

Cmon man, think about it, there's probably 25 persons genuinly active on twitter

Im not talking about here

People on twitter i assume more than the people here