Sagar "asking for friend" 😂

this is wrong channel for that

Forget, it is going 230+ till 10 July.

What is this sistemkoin exchange?Is it genuine?Showing more volume!

@Eljaboom @Eljaboom1 which one is the real one? @TheUnamatrix

Me and my alt 😁

I am from the UAE and I quite don't understand the partnership with zelaapay ...the website has Golf cooperation council instead of the vision or statements from the leaders don't clear.. and trust me..the prince is amazingly transparent...

Or major adoption of crypto (I.e. Amazon/Walmart/Tesla, etc...)

This is our analysis

I was wrong of group sorry .. !! but you can write me if you want an analysis

Is there any news coming for digi

What's up with VET

So i can expect some price increase

quite a major boom i'd say

Like 4-5 annoucements in the last couple of days

What are we expecting price