12.4 billion is totally realistic

Big difference between 93 million presently & 12.4 BILLION

Kevin Lenz
Big difference between 93 million presently & 12.4 BILLION

it was once 100k marketcap and ppl said the same thing, we reached 1 billion

Entire crypto market right now is $223 Billion

I’m hopeful & buying but just more realistic expectations in next few years

there is nothing realistic in this space

only absurd swings

True...May all our dreams come true 😊

2 trillion crypto marketcap12 billion dgb marketcap

here is your $1 dgb

Love your enthusiasm $$$Wondering where all that inflow of money comes from. Also wondering what the DGB all time high market cap & price has been and when ?$1 DGB would be fantastic

From all the money the central banks keep printing

You think they are going to keep it in FIAT as inflation hits?


The market will wake up eventually

The market will wake up eventually

Hopefully. FIAT is dumb. Everyone who has 500 dollars in savings account is basically devaluing their buying power.

500 last year isn’t worth 500 today.

All very true I’m thinking the timeline for such a giant monetary shift will take a long time. A “Baby step” of 0.05 cents in the process would be nice to see within a couple years. I hope I’m wrong. Your way makes us all wealthy much sooner. I’m good with that

Here we coming 70sat but for long run ,buy as much as you can... Digibyte is future..

In the movie crypto banks turn into corps. That hold and sale crypto

here is your $1 dgb

Unless something really big happens, that’s too far fetched to even consider.

We going down and down..waiting for last chance to buy more..hope this is last one.

Chris (ˆڡˆ)
Me too

Buy much more mate..before btc halving..and some btc to hodl..😀

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First time I redeem DGB received sometime ago from CoinKit, super cool

Can anyone in the USA try to buy DGB on Abra? It isn’t letting me says it’s not available. BTC, LTC and ETH are fine.


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