Peter Nguyen
dgb/btc? ~~

Well .... strawberries or Cream .. 🤔😁

From Trump's tweet,it's clear the market makers/ illuminati or whatever want the price to go down

Besides,trend has changed

I think things can get really nasty

Especially in August

I think this is the chart btc follows,if I'm correct 7600$ first bustop and 6700$ last bustop

Moon starts late October, December 7th the kind of bull run everyone is waiting for starts.

There's a possibility we see 1.5 or X2 from current price 0.01136

Time to start praying it happens before August.If not expect BK to come back and FUD the hell out of DGB from what will come next

Dylan Hairston
So if I get to a million shoot for 5 million Dgb? I’d rather have crypto than cash tbh

Going to be brutally honest and say maybe it's time to start improving everything you have been sacrificing to get here.

Sistemkoin 1m volume? hmmm

Exchange Pair 24h VolUpbit DGB/BTC 345 KBittrex DGB/BTC 345 KPoloniex DGB/BTC 119 KTrade By Tr DGB/BTC 99 KHitBTC DGB/BTC 98 KProBit Exch DGB/USDT 49 KBittrex DGB/ETH 41 KUpbit DGB/ETH 41 KProBit Exch DGB/BTC 34 KKucoin DGB/BTC 32 KTrade w/ 100x on PrimeXBT

ray omerta
think everyone should take a hard look at Digibyte and do some serious research. DGB blows them all away in every aspect hands down. Very decentralized, lightning fast, very secure, and has a full range of tools/products/services. It's a true Blockchain/Cypto. It will be used globally for a means of exchange and goods/services. It will be King in the future. It is smart and sophisticated with advanced tech. Not a "Dumb" coin. The Digibyte blockchain has over 250,000 nodes across six continents. DigiByte re-balances the load between the five mining algorithms by adjusting the difficulty of each so one algorithm doesn't become dominant. Digibyte has been around for over 5 years now and will raise to the top and be in the top 10 in the near future. DigiByte is not an ICO, which means there is no company and no CEO to speak of, there is simply a founder, Jared Tate, (@jaredctate), and a loyal and hard-working team and community! DigiByte is one of the most technologically superior coins on the market and is the fastest, most secure and decentralized UTXO blockchains to date. By 2020 the blockchain will handle over 2,000 transactions per second and will continue to scale every year until 2035, at which point the blockchain will handle 280,000 transactions per second. DigiByte uses it's own tech to protect itself against 51% attacks by using something called, DigiShield, which is also being used by, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Gold, MonaCoin, and several others. However, despite all of these established projects using a product of DigiByte for free, DigiByte is somehow below every single one of them in market cap value. Products of DigiByte include, Digi-ID/Antum-ID, which can replace your passwords and make your accounts a lot safer. DigiAssets will allow you to easily create, send, and receive digital assets in the form of a token. DigiCafe will allow your business to easily accept in-person DigiByte payments. Jared Tate's VESTi app will make paying rent and finding apartments so much easier using blockchain technology. And Block 30 Labs, which is the worlds first marketplace built on blockchain technology, is utilizing DigiByte to it's fullest potential. DigiByte and V-ID announced a partnership that will bring forward a new product called, Veritas, that will aim to fight against online imposters and fraud/Cyber Security. And just recently, has added DigiByte to their Visa cards that can be spent at 40+ million locations. They just partnered with Utrust not long ago. With all of this, and more, DigiByte is massively undervalued in my opinion. I always tell people to do their own research before investing in a crypto project, but because DigiByte has done so much in the last 5.5 years that there is a lot to research and can be overwhelming for newcomers, but if you've been in the crypto space for a while you will see the true value DigiByte can bring to the table.Digibyte today is all that Bitcoin was supposed to be in the first place. Love this coin! JMHO. Cheers! Go DGB!😎1 dag geleden

I'm a DigiByte holder. Don't know much about tech and what it does or doesn't! But your writings above made me decide, once again, to buy some more DGB. Thanks! Great (marketing, informative) article!