thats a weekly chart, price is closing on a number 2

7 more weeks of upside expected

if u know tone vays you will understand

plus RSi has broken its down trend

DGB couldnt b anymorw bullish plus when you add Digi assets

BAkkt exchange

could be or could not be

and what BAKKT have to do with DGB ?

if you dont know about Bakkt and cant read between the lines

they are dropping clues

Dude I know Bakkt and everything

because I am into this since 2014

but why you speak something without a clear reason behind

if you've been in since 14 you've no doubt made money

for people who are now getting into DGB trying to get that understanding of why it made 1000% plus rises in the past

i beleive everything is lining up, with the new mining algo in july i wouldnt b suprised by a new all time high before the end of year

i've shown my own chart analysis

do you have your own projections for DGB?

the chart in satoshi if possible?
CME Futures Gaps Hint Bitcoin Price is Headed to $18,000 Or Higher

At least short term we aim for 240 sats

As for USD right now anything is possible