Yay! This group has been upgraded. You are great! Now I can work properly :)

My account looks like a horror scene just blood and shit everyware didnt sell noothing yet gona stopntrading for 2weeks all this settles

Damn dgb is boring today we started at around 830 sats now 800😂

/warn Sunny

Chears to that haha, yesterday was more fun though

Ye i've had some fun with cloak 😂

Hah it was A bot

And I have A bot allready

Ye i know 😂

Im Reading How this bot works

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Only need to find out How I Can delete a Message

Its 830 sat now

Same as this morning haha

Doesnt really matter

Watched it almost the whole day😂🔫

Its addictive cant help it haha

Haha Its all green now

Should be Nice

going nice for the ones that bough yesterday

it has to go up way more still

U Can still Buy it

i way too adictive to keep buying when cheap

I had to hodl myself

Its still good to Buy

only the hardcores are still here

now one is selling anytime soon

Now hold it till the end of the year