What if i bought btc in 2008 for $2

That's the past though.. These things are clearly on the horizon

Oh i am sorry swami i didnt know u saw the future

What next powerball numbers

Mr. Shobi
My bad 21 bill
I strongly recommend you to watch this interview. https://youtu.be/5hLiTtNAAt4

Good food for thought ! 😘

Bitshares dex is the best decentralizes

Wonder if dgb is on there

Been kind of holding our own lately. Why do we always lag when the whole market goes up?

Other coins do that to like bitshares

Its due to our supply and marketing

But mostly supply

21mm is the golden supply

Guys... be patient. You do realize UTRUST are merely days away from launching their platform now. Once they do, it'll be a lot easier for us to get listed on more exchanges.

I’m trying to have the vision of time vs price of digibyte. Holding 1M coins cold storage for X amount of time would only make them rare I guess once X price reaches 1-X dollar.

I cant believe after 10 yrs this $1 dream still exsist

Y not buy 1mm coin at .01 sell at .03 and keep rinse and repeat over 10 yrs

How much would u have made instead of just waiting 10 yrs for $1

Does anyone know if Wirex is going to add DGB?

Its now abt exchanges we are on the biggest most stablw one

Mr. Shobi
How much would u have made instead of just waiting 10 yrs for $1

And that’s where the gambling vs investing card comes to play. The ultimate goal is not to throw money at a coin and hope to see x gains it’s fundability to real world use.

ATOM $5.730 | 0.00066391฿L:0.00054191|H:0.000733021h: -0.62% 😕24h: 21.67% 💰7d: 17.31% 💸Vol: $251,482,784Crypto Mining Summit 🎟

🤔wow negativity

Mr. Shobi
I cant believe after 10 yrs this $1 dream still exsist

DigiByte has existed for around 5 years. Not 10. Again, where are you getting your information...

Hey Luke, why you feeding the trolls? =)

Replying to nonsense and clearing up misinformation for those who may be reading who are not familiar with DigiByte.

I made that mistake myself and wished I didn't. People are misinformed, ungratful and/or just trolls.

All those troll comments make me even more excited about what's coming (no need to feed them though totally agree)

I hear you. but it sounds like he knows that he is trollling

Either way, it's now cleared up. Call it feeding trolls that's fine. I see it as misinformation cleared up

does anyone here know who created odocrypt?