About digi id being adoptef

Wow , hard dip

Theres also a pizza place in tx and a barber in nj that started accepting dgb as payment

$1 on this 2 to 3 year bull run. Screen shot this lol

Nice...would be great to see a monster adoption of digid

Yeah airbus is a huge company its on the forbes list

Yea but i mean directly adopted by major player in the market not through a third party

Dgb. Needs to win in sat value and not rely on $ value going up based on its sats staying the same with Btc rising. Needs to break this trend.

BTC has 2 gaps on CME )

Didn't use that chart alone,cross checked with mine

I want DGB to go up but I want to buy another bag. I bought my last one but now I want a more :/ I think we have one more crash before the bull start but what if today is that crash! 😫

Bloomberg says go long then down we go, lol. Pretty sure this is the final washout before a parabolic move up so don’t get shaken out. Do we get another Jamie Diamond “bitcoin is a scam” just before it blows to the upside? My analysis is for an exciting June, July and August. Let’s see.

I hope we get Fidelity during those months. Would be nice to see those older folks start to trust blockchain.

Big boys are not ready to take $9k BTC yet I guess

They want to get enough before take us to the moon

This market is so small Fedolity alone can manipulate it like a joke

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Wait.. they are collecting coins.

Two years ago to the day, DGB closed at 768 sats

[email protected]_Coin
Two years ago to the day, DGB closed at 768 sats

Yes..you know that..so if this the same pattern..we will fly again like a bird on the sky

Yeah..need to patience..

You see mona coin now..pump like a hell


“If only i had some fiat”

Buy now guys..dgboomboom very soon..🙊

We are at a early stage where the market is not even trillions, and should be ! Price ? Up down, shaking out fomo buyers.. it is ok 😊 DGB isn't a penny coin or a dollar coin.. Will you have enough patience ? That is what market makera are testing everyday.