Vgx voyager just did 100% 👀

Anyone here use Abra?

Anyone here use Abra?

Yeah many here. One of the best mobile fiat on ramps for Dgb

Chris DGB_st
Vgx voyager just did 100% 👀
Nigel DigiByte

Saw that. Crazy gains. . Just sold mine. Was up almost 2x since I bought them

Hi Guys... just noticed that Digibyte is in top 3 of the first 100 coins on coinmarketcap ☹️ that’s a real bad sign

you can't ignore other coins just 'cause you don't 'agree' with them.

Crypto Junk
Top 3 Lowest volume

Very low wash trading, most coins has 80% + wash trading

Crypto Junk
Yeah but top 3?

volume has always been a problem for dgb. =/

Not back on the days

Back in the days🤪

I dont think it got to do with wash trading... its a nice excuse

no doubt dgb will rise with the rest, the question is will it give you as good of a return when it does.

Time Will tell but there are no positive signs for a long time unfortunately

I'm confused on market cap. For instance rvn on CMK shows $204m but on CoinRanking is $84m.Why the huge difference?

I am liking Voyager much better than Abra right now

The app seems nicer to me

I am liking Voyager much better than Abra right now

You can’t withdraw or deposit Dgb to voyager. It’s a good app just limited

We should work on getting deposits and withdrawals. Everyone tweet at them

Last time I asked they said they were working on it and that was a long time ago

I had bought in at .008 usd and put my sell order at .0085 😂

It’s only went down since I bought but maybe today my offer gets filled

And then I’ll never use them again until they allow withdrawals

Blasting these people can back fire as it did with coinbase

No need to blast....just explain how it is and how you honestly feel about it..... remember it's how they gauge customer interest and we have been through this before with Abra wallet.

@Hes24fit 911 what is your emergency? 🚨