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DigibyteDate of ATH: 1-6-2018Current Price: $0.01 | 0.00000078 ɃATH Price: $0.14 | 0.00002190 Ƀ% from ATH: -93.98%%to ATH: 1664.68%Days Since: 768 daysFTX: Bitcoin Options 🚀

We are see sideway after this for long maybe?

ray omerta

need to rebond on 618 of fibo. if this support break we go to 9800$

Stay strong dgb...this is little correction 😉

What's that?

Dgb all time high in btc value. It was mid 2017 due to the Citibank/gaming rumors

I don't understand that?

It's al fake volume, you can't even deposit / withdraw dgb on huobi.

When dgb start launching stablecoin? this year or next year?

I'm very sure if DGB release Digidollar (decentralized stablecoin) our price is sky limit.

It's al fake volume, you can't even deposit / withdraw dgb on huobi.

Im in US anyways but that makes sense then if you can't deposit or I'd get someone to deposit, sell for BTC and withdrawal. Lol

Why not $1 yet?

Go asleep for few years then wake up to $1

Rayhan Adam
I'm very sure if DGB release Digidollar (decentralized stablecoin) our price is sky limit.

It appears several other projects are considering doing the same thing. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but if everyone does it, it probably won’t make dgb stand out and affect the price.

Better to release with use than talk Bout releasing

That's how ideas get stolen.

The world is looking for its first project

And as noble as dgbs cause is if the money and man power isnt put behind a project that has no unified direction we may just be stretched too thin to actually deliver what the world needs because other projects will get there first. And no matter how bad the tech is if it works it works and people will grow attatched to it....

Yeah, you have to offer something nobody else has

If I had to create a checklist I would say dgb needs everything it's working on. But we need it to work and to be kept secret until release

Like....when beyonce dropped that internet album it almost broke the internet...It was may more exciting than hearing about someone about tot release an album 2 months later..and then if it didnt get released...there goes your credibility

We need an online place for shopping like amazon

Copy and paste what works while applying what makes dgb dgb...So amazon style market place labeled digi with integrated digi-id which gives everyone security.Digi-dollar to spend for peer to peer transaction without fluctuation

People need to buy stuff and all we have to do is be the middle man... provide the service in a more simple, effective and secure way.

2nd is becoming hip. We have to be what's cool...the cool coin..

A lot of money....Big companies spend millions on advertising and endorsements

Still waiting on that game changer of a real estate app

Yeah what ever happened to vesti

I don't think it really matters tbh

Not atm.. but it does get people hyped and it lets them down in the end

Aswel all those meetings they had with universitys

I think many things are being developed behind the scenes with Digibyte it just takes time and getting over regulatory hurdles.