I'm on money roll this week up up 13% total investments across all channels.i think dgb is about to come alive

Hold a house hold company. Trade the micro options

Dgb is a micro...Sorry.But has potential

DIP rvwvr: Reducing volatility with variable block reward while keeping the total supply fixed.The price stability can be brought to the DGB, by allowing the reward to decrease with velocity in a direct relationship.So as velocity increases reward for block increases and as velocity decreases reward for block decreases.Since price of DGB is a function of money invested and circulating supply, the changing of reward with velocity can reduce the volatility.Note: DGB fixed supply is not changed only how much is distributed will change.Lets see howvelocity of money is a measurement of the rate at which money is exchanged in an economy.It increases when economy is active and there is lots of trading going on. Thus it can present demand for currency.So if we compensate this demand by matching it with supply we can bring price stability.Remember we are not pumping the coin we are making the chain auto respond with the demand.So as DGB’s ecosystem picks up and people use DGB the supply will increase in response to that. Reducing price.As activity slows down reward will be lowered down thus increasing the value of dgb. Thus increasing price.Remember it is in response to overall activity of the chain not based upon on individual.

Invest in a stable coin chits.

Invest in a stable coin chits.

😞 marto it is the purest example of free market, matching the demand with supply, and I don't know what problem you found in this one? would like to learn.

But it insert another variable to mining profitability equation already super volatile. wonder how less or more secure the network would behave with this implemented

My problem is that want to tie and maintain stability to something I personally have no faith or value in.

I will say it again.... create chitcoin!

Or submit your ideas as a commet and we will look at it....but please stop waffling bla bla, like you really know what you are talking about.


oh as in github, ok got it.

Digibyte could reach good levels by year end

btc is going to drop again, that will be a great time to buy

2.2k short spike potential

DGB seems to be correlated nicely with BTC presently. Bring the Boom

House Dem proposes digital ID and state ledger-backed currency for stimulus aid to U.S. consumers | Biometric Updatehttps://www.biometricupdate.com/202003/house-dem-proposes-digital-id-and-state-ledger-backed-currency-for-stimulus-aid-to-u-s-consumers

DGB is so much better than BTC. Hope people interested will see it

DGB is so much better than BTC. Hope people interested will see it

I recently used btc and decided I will never hold it ever again, it has become a ponzi scheme as there is nothing which can be built upon it, with its current tech.A coins value is equal to the utility it provides and btc ain't providing any that is not based upon speculation.

Kinda morbid thought but,Wonder how much BTC & crypto in general,might be forever lost due to all this virus stuff going on.

I am fairly young and healthy and when this thing started I made sure to record my wallet accesses so my family can get to it if I were to croak

I read a couple weeks ago something about inheritance management and block chain, it seemed pretty promising but the tech wasn't there yet. I'd like to find that again, I'm not sure where I found it

DGB is so much better than BTC. Hope people interested will see it

Almost all coins are better than btc. But btc was the first. Everyone knows btc but not even 0.0001% knows digibyte. Hopefully times will change it.

Yea i want to do it but how ?

For sure we need to get listed on any big exchange to reach some volume.

But dgb is bussy with the new website in differeng languages so thats positife 👍

ElcoDGB Landkroon
Yea i want to do it but how ?
https://t.me/DigibyteMarketing join the marketing and ask them what can I do for you

Watch digibyte become something really big in crypto overall

Something big coming from dgbyte..the patience guys will win.

We are in longway together with this community..if we all here have a big patience and hodl strong it will be hugh soon..for everyone happy.

Digibyte is slowly raising against everything right now in the market