I cry already buy 180k dgb at 0.006 lol

But for me..its ok..i hodl for longterm..

If you want buy...you buy..if not..dont buy


Today will be good day ;)

It's nice weather here in the Netherlands, and dgb is looking strong 💪

I know I live there as well

Hey, everyone. Josiah still working hard despite everything going on currently. Lets make his day better and help the Youtube algorithm by watching, subscribing and liking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bScAQWiPcUE

Stock market stealing the show

Fed stealing the show

Unlimited cash supply buying it up

How long will this last ?

Teng Wang
How long will this last ?

until demand for dollars doesn't collapse outside usa


Be careful guys

Well Bittrex has about 3.5 btc buying dgb semi fomoing around 60 sats thats a plus

Order book and chart looking bullish finally

Show me the chart

You show us the one where DGB hits 27 sats!

He says looks bullish, lot of people talk thin air, let him prove it. 27 sat is solid

Push it 2 the limit 👍👍

Coach King Julian I

have we reached the price levels of 2014-2016?

Well the resitance for that time yes

20 sats..breaking 70 would be a sight

4 sats trade gain is uuuge at these levels. Volume over 40 btc on bittrex would be nice.

Seems we enter the overbought region at fairly regular intervals. I like the look of the website redesign. It brings everything together quite nicely. The volatility is definitely back with 5-12% swings

Are you guys finally getting bullish ?