Evil Justin Sun still has 200 million DGB

Do you guys think he will dump them ?

CMC up to #67For what it’s worth


Hell sell @ 0.10 dollar

Are you guys finally getting bullish ?

Nothing has happened to indicate it should start moving up. I’d say this is good if you’re a trader though.

200BTC volume ... need to push it harder

major FOMO if crypto start pumping like 2017

with everything else crashing hard

better be onboard before departure

Lower hash rate good or bad?

follow price, nothing to report here

higher price = higher hashrate

mining follow profitability. miner don't have much influence on price as many thinks

organic balance, can be really brutal or really rewarding

bcash or bsv could have much higher hashrate with higher price but market decided was less valuable fork

I have mixed feeling about dropping SHA256 algo from DGB

Yeah no clue where that came from

for now is just talk but is where DGB is heading

odoscrypt didn't help much, got hijacked my 1x single FPGA farm ... ProgPow (GPU ) is more promising

for decentralization

Qc Techno
higher price = higher hashrate

many people have hard time understanding this basic fact

Coach King Julian I
Btc hashrate just dropped 40%

this must have locked the whole chain up, as it take weeks to adjust

from 118EH/s to 99.59EH/s , diff dropped -15.95%

network just purged the weak miners with higher operating cost

absolute blood bath

Vote for DigiByte https://twitter.com/joshroomsburg/status/1243414185620324360?s=21