Great news everyone!

DGB $0.004 | 0.00000062₿1h: -1.90% 😑 24h: 6.64% 🍻 7d: 1.00% 😄 Vol: $1,121,410Earn Interest on Crypto 💰

Here we go again!DigiByte unlimited powerrrr

this is old news what new has changed?

this is old news what new has changed?
Wrong link 😂

Well, when Sophie Gregoire bring back home Covid-19, Justin finally put in the high gear to control the spread. Was huge wake up call here

Canada speaking 😬

Big Ben is slow speaking and can be hard to listen but very smart guy. Good talk with Jared. I am more bullish than ever after listen to this.

I am watching the dow jones and bitcoin

I don't know, depends on how you do stuff

Nobody is working ?

Not everyone has loads of cash to buy every dip. And there’s been a new dip for over two years so at somePoint some of us ran out of play money

True but that doesn't mean you need 25000% to break even ;)

A lot of people are crying, if we are going down, and also if are going up.

Try to stay positive

Yeah either positivity or forget about it for the next two years

No sense in bitching... I’m with you there

Exactly 👌However we have an amazing technology over here, and DigiByte will get there sooner or later.

Feeling a little too essential today

At least the traffic at 6am is light

Guys I see a lot of disappointment here and frustrated people. If I were you I would definitly buy more now to have a better average. I say if I were u because I am still in profit. Doesn't compare with 2017 when I made huge mistake not selling at astronomic amounts USD. Whatever. Good luck

Even I am unhappy I bought at 0.007 first time ever

everyone seems to be positive, I don't know why a push for buying, @marto2 buddy this is the time when you should say that digibyte is not a pump and dump.

Swaapping BTC for DGB like a ninja

@Ben_changeangeL 😇
Swaapping BTC for DGB like a ninja

last time I did that on shapeshift the bitcoin transaction took hours that was a frustrating experience never going back to bitcoin, its fundamentals are too slow for today's global economy

Everything will be alright.

Just push the dgb to the 300/ 400 sat range

Sweet. Only 25000% more and we all break even!

Haha that is true, but as long as Devs, Foumdation, whole team and Jared are commited de should not worry

I dont worry about it. I guess from the point where right now price can only go upwards till we arive the moon 😋