Breaking News:Bitcoin break 💲7300..🔥🚀🏦💲🤑

Nigel DigiByte
DGB at number 35

It is 35th volume wise among all Polo assets. Of course there is volume, ppl are selling for Bitcoin 😒.

Breaking News:Bitcoin break 💲7400..🔥🚀🏦💲🤑

Bitcoin Price Smashes $7,500 With Spectacular Return of Bull Market
Dollar’s Brutal 100-Year Tailspin Guarantees a Spellbinding Bitcoin Rally

Breaking News:Bitcoin break $7700..🔥🚀🏦💲🤑

Bitfinex is the one pumping bitcoin with the USDT raised from the IEO.. that's why they requested for USDT for their IEO.. instead of other cryptoSame thing they did in 2017.. BTC may likely get to $15k before June 2019

At 130 sats and lower, wow, what an opportunity we have here to increase the x times factor of our dollars by being digibyte buyers here! Just 10 bucks a digi is a thousand fold gain from here. It can happen really fast. just like it already has. Anyone watching the bitcoin rocketship has to conclude there is a good chance for that kind of lift here. It will be amazing to watch.

That should be digibyte instead of Bitcoin unfortunately

Charles 🇨🇦
If they expect it to become something big...does not make sense to build on top of BTC

A team from digibyte should give Microsoft a visit if it is possible to show them how superior digibyte to Bitcoin or any other coins to build a system on

Absolutely no volume. DGB is stalled at 4% gain for the week. Bitcoin is 40% gain same week! I LOVE DigiByte but this blows!

anon anon
Thats true. But people will say its decentralized I can say anything I want

The case goes for bitcoin as no body claim its representation even in development level... Here either we said it or not people like @JaredTate and Josiah looked at as digibyte ambassadors

DigiByte to $0.005! Then $12-15 by 2021. That's the increase from the last DigiByte bull and bitcoin being 40% lower in the next few months. It's going to be great!

Digillionaire 🍾
DigiByte to $0.005! Then $12-15 by 2021. That's the increase from the last DigiByte bull and bitcoin being 40% lower in the next few months. It's going to be great!

We can speculate the trends and historical gains from bitcoin but still dgb will stand still without use cases. If no one needs to buy dgb for a specific reason then no one will want to buy it. Tech is great but need more application to the general public

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It is obvious that many guys are new at Dgb and they just care about quick buck. When Dgb explode it is going to be Yabadabadooo,Jared is the man,yeeaaaah baby Dgb is the best,blah,blah,blah...Just go to check out how did Digibyte play out...Jared is the most honest person you could meet.Because of him many of us are here...from day one.

Jared mined Bitcoin back in the day. Why wouldn't he trade it? That's how DigiByte was created!

Without Bitcoin we wouldn't have DigiByte.

Probably. As he should be. Mining Bitcoin when people said it was Monopoly money takes balls.

Meh Menvier 🇬🇧
It did this shit before the last bullrun. Nothing worry about.

Last time Bitcoin was this high was July 31, 2018. DigiByte was .04 on the same day. That’s something to worry about.

DGB needs volume. Lots of people just bought a bunch of Bitcoin. Do the math and give it 30 to 45 days to move in.

You guys familiar with the Bitcoin 4 year cycle? 3 years up. 1 year down. Cycle after cycle.

Dreamers were the people that cashed out at $20K Bitcoin when they bought it or mined it for next to nothing.

wow! the first guy saying that we could spike to $2.34 a digi by October. Would be a replay of last major digi run-up. that's insane 🤣

Since we're all here let's think about this. Bitcoin was worth nothing 10 years ago. Now where are we? Anything is possible!

Can some one help me.. I buy bitcoin because I use it as a store of value .. DigiByte seems to give a lot of the what they have built away for free So why does buy digibyte for .. what the use case ? Ty in advance

Sulaiman from kuwait
That should be digibyte instead of Bitcoin unfortunately

you’re dreaming if you think dgb will be on that headline instead of bitcoin

Well honestly I still want to buy more, I didn’t finish buying :/ was hoping it would crash more soo I think I may have missed out. Anyways who cares. I wish you all a good day!Long DGB short bitcoin 😂

Will happen... Which country I don't know but DGB out of commercial exchanges, but better performance than Bitcoin and connected stuff, will be reality!

Turk E-Burgr
If we all concentrate really hard and don't get too excited we might make it to 0.02c in a year

Too much negative you... DGB have to be an secret sleeping giant as was Bitcoin or ethereum...

To go next to The Bitcoin Standard and the Andreas Antonopoulos books

The book is 1000 times better than the bitcoin pizzas!

There is a problem with Venezuela. First my contact says that the Maduro government has confiscated all of the Bitcoin miners in Venezuela and they are mining and selling all of the Bitcoin coming out of Venezuela

Looks like a Bitcoin whale died today 😥

We need a chat just to dump screen shots of these "Bitcoin broker" DMs. There must be thousands.

You can only spend them once. No double spending like Bitcoin.
Phillip Bruni
More possible 👍🏻

That's a Conservative estimate as well. If we see another Bitcoin sell off, DigiByte could be somewhere in the $0.005 range. Then we begin our cycle.