Can we please just pump Bitcoin as a big FU to Peter Schiff 🤣

The current Bitcoin price is just a bubble. Any price >500 US is not justified because Bitcoin has no real use cases.Price is kept high by centralized miners and other stakeholders

Bitcoin is the OG. But slow and high costs. Multiple coins outperform BTC in terms of useabillity and performance. DGB amongst others, but it's not what you are capable of that reflects the prices

Anyways, miners of Bitcoin are huge corporations. Do we know if Binance has any stakes in these mine farms? Unsure if there is a clear link, but you bet some exchanges have either shares or good connections

This ain’t bad news but good news for us, we are truly decentralized. Many projects will die, we will continue strong. This is what we need. It’s scary to see my investment is gone but it’s also impressive how DigiByte bitcoin and any truly decentralized platform has nothing to worry about.

Bitcoin will fall very very low

Bitcoin is not going to hold this..

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Bitcoin or DigiByte never promised anyone anything, so can't be scams. The people that operate in the environment are infiltrated with scammers and genuine people alike.

What do you guys think will happen with the price of bitcoin? Are we going to see another dump?

And why on earth is binance and poloniex important ? If crypto only depends on Binance then bitcoin has failed

I believe in it because it's an offspring of bitcoin.What's missing is ease of understanding. People dont want to know how it works. They just want to know how to use and it needs to be easy to use and easy to recognize

why ripple is so popular it isn't like ethereum or bitcoin.update: it is chain and on that chain products are built for banks to transfer money, it is still stuck with banking system.

just wanted to show some friend why btc won't work, converted dgb to bitcoin and it happen in seconds and did the reverse and it's been hours and still confirmation is stuck.

BTC is like a gold ingot. If you want to pay with it.. you have to prepare it... so better just to hodl.DGB on the other hand can be used on a daily basis like fiat and more ;)

it is very stupid thing hodl bitcoin, one can store the value on digibyte as it will act the same as bitcoin because the supply is fixed just like bitcoin.But here one can move the money way fast.

And to be fair, the scenario highlights a position where you have neither bitcoin or DigiByte until bitcoin has confirmed.

hehehe you are absolutely right, neither I have bitcoin nor DGB. feeling very awkward and eagerly waiting for confirmation and seeing where my transaction is on priority list based upon fees, and it at 3189 out of 12660 and it been hours and I am still waiting.

I won’t buy any more dgb. I’m still dca btc. I feel like it’s a conservative investment. In crypto....the most conservative option.

bitcoin is for big players now, for small investor it's not worth it as the fees bite into the investmentsgovernments won't back open source they need control so they will release their own.government don't even get bothered with bitcoin because they know normal person can't use it for daily use.what really makes government scare is the fast cryptos and which also have privacy, see monero case how big government agencies are hating it and asking exchanges to remove from their platform.

I believe in Jared Tate and his upcoming improvements and developments. It is faster then the most cryptocurrencies like litecoin, and securer. In my eyes, it is undervalued. And I really don't know why :) But I will long term hold this, for me, DGB ist simply the fastest Blockchain and has the ability to be that, what bitcoin has failed to become.

Never get tired of selling large amounts of bitcoin to themselves and buying stop losses.....easy money.

51days to go before BTC halving

3.5 lacs bitcoins are on exchange for liquidation

And how about bitcoin? Can we see 3 ja again?

Welcome - means a new era just stared.Not for you - then who holds the bitcoin in large amount can create unlimited opportunity by manipulative market scenario

Why does people think, now is best time to buy. Or bottom is in. People and Bitcoin shame on the people who tells to buy now, lot of people dead, sick, dying. Money is gold now not crypto

I am watching the dow jones and bitcoin

@Ben_changeangeL 😇
Swaapping BTC for DGB like a ninja

last time I did that on shapeshift the bitcoin transaction took hours that was a frustrating experience never going back to bitcoin, its fundamentals are too slow for today's global economy

Anyone thinks that bitcoin halving will initiate a new ATH bull run????????????

Cost to mine one bitcoin after the halving is 17-19k at the lowest cost farms in the world, currently its at 7-9k but miners aren't selling

Nobody cared if their PC was a little more efficient and certainly wasn't going to pay for it.... bitcoin changed that.