Just this drastic rise in BTC price as made it again get stuck More over people can't even benefit from arbritrage, between exchanges.Because transactions aren't happening fast. and BTC is used as base crypto pair. is at normal levels, imagine when millions are coming for it. with big money.BTC will get bogged down. and people will find other crypto to use as base pair.
No, I was just making a point, that it's a growth area for DigiByte. 😊

But, I think DGB's team is giving into the temptation of short term window dressing.It should be conservative when partnering with projects.we need more geeks from crypto conferenced to join in. current time is not of attracting masses, but developers.because there are not many talented blockchain experts. The masses will follow.

Its realestate on DigiByte Blockchain

Also he made a book coming out soon
Nigel DigiByte
Market is so early

How long do you think we need to wait before the real blockchain is going to be recognized

It’s just weak hands. They don’t really understand the concept of blockchain it’s more “I want money”

New FPGA Mining Algo Odocrypt for DigiByte DGB blockchain July 2019 - FPGA - Digilent Forum
Beekers McCluer
it's sad to see such a fundemental misunderstanding.

Right.....people don’t invest their hard earned money because they “appreciate the fundamentals of blockchain technology.” You can appreciate it for free.

Dear Bleutradians,We are undergoing some changes and this new phase requires more protection criteria for and from our users. This review analyzed the commitment of development teams, source code quality, blockchain stability, communications to the public, contributions to the crypto world and other adaptations to Maltese legislation.Follow below the list of projects that will have their trades cut off and markets will be removed by 2019-07-15 15:00 (UTC).ADC (Audiocoin)BBK (Bitblocks)BC (Bitcoin Confidential)BIFD (Biffy Diamond)BITB (BitBean)BOON (BoonCoin)BTG (Bitcoin Gold)CDN (Canada eCoin)CRM (Cream)DART (DarexTravel)DCR (Decred)DIVI (Divi)DIVX (Divi Exch Token)DNA (EncrypGen)DOGE (Dogecoin)EEE (Elementh)EJOB (Ejob)FJC (FujiCoin)FREE (Free Coin)GB (Goldblocks)GODZ (Godzillion)HBZ (Helbiz)HTML (Htmlcoin)IFT (InvestFeed)IOP (Internet of People)IOST (IOSToken)KNT (Knekted)KOLIN (Kolin)LEND (ETHLend)LGS (LogisCoin)MAG (CrypticMAG)MONA (Monacoin)NMC (Namecoin)OK (OKCash)PCN (PeepCoin)PENG (Peng)QTUM (Qtum)RDD (Reddcoin)ROY (Roy)RSTR (Ondori)SICA (SignatureChain)SLC (Slice)SMART (SmartCash)SWFTC (SwftCoin)TASK (Taskeva)TEEN (MyTeenCoin)UNO (Unobtanium)VRC (VeriCoin)VSF (VeriSafe)VTC (Vertcoin)WAVES (Waves)XOLA (XOLA)XP (ExperiencePoints)ZAI (Zaigar)ZEUS (ZeusNetwork)Withdraws will be possible until 2019-09-31 15:00 (UTC).We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to build a better crypto world together. We are always improving to give you a better experience.Bleutrade Team.

Dylan Hairston
Investing in crypto does make me very sick I must say.. but I’m not a degenerate that swaps every time there portfolio goes down a few

Stretch out your time frame. You're in before the herd and thats a good thing. Low prices shouldn't be lamented when the value of the blockchain is far more valuable than the current price reflects. You're not wrong, just early.

Update regarding Jared Tate’s book - Blockchain 2035

Why not take a look what the Token rubbish of XRP already reached with 65,000,000,000 max and DigiByte is on every point 1000x better only problem we have because we are decentralised we don t have money for a big marketing campaign!!! But if everybody donate a little bid to DGBAT we are able to do it DGBAT wallet DJvsm5mCp4a3YsJXxxiLk9MDWVwvrFDPm3 you can check on there website

I'm not here to FUD. Bought in '17 and didn't sell at 2k sats. I just don't want lurkers here to OD on hopium. This project has a history of combative behavior towards exchanges and Twitter influencers. The crypto market is not based on fundamentals, but hype and speculation. DGB is objectively the most advanced UTXO blockchain in existence (which is why I hodl it and continually buy) but you can't deny the fact that the industry considers us an afterthought

Bull Turkey
All those thirsty investors.... They need our help!
If you're thisrty guys ! Go buy this ! And grab a good beer 🍺😎

DigiByte at 100 sats is an insult to the purpose of decentralised blockchain in general and to this kind of great innovation and achievement. But is also a great opportunity to buy huge amounts of it. 👍

Bittrex and Poloniex recently delisted some blockchains for US customers because they are POS or because the regulatory guidance on such is not clear.

Alina Williams
Is there any new development??

Digibyte already being used for this! - 📌 Research: The use of blockchain to track supply chains will grow by 80% annually and by 2025 this market will exceed $ 9 billion.

XR web. New dapp on eth blockchain

Vr is what i knew would come about. Cant believe its happeming..wanted on on dgb blockchain

I am definitely looking for a social media based on blockchain that protects people privacy. Next step for brave and its basic attention token maybe ? Still waiting for a Digi browser !

Baltic Badger
Check out it’s okay but price is down to .28cents a steem at one time it was 8$

Thanks buddy. I know Steem. Kind of a modern myspace or netblog. But I am looking for something more dynamic like Twitter without the centralised aspect. Quick posts or messaging on a secured public blockchain. Can people take reddit to an other level ? 👍

They made they money back times 4 soon it'll be time to put half that into coins best suited for gains....always trust in blockchain

Dylan Hairston
I’m not even going to try to explain my opinions about coins anymore tbh because I’ve came to realize nobody see this tech exactly the same and nobody trades the same

I think one change in financial paradigm is the possibility of services-asserts being valued more fairly. and a bartering type sector ,essentially trading verifiable digiAssets for an agreed value in that sector of this DGB blockchain. DGB is a de-centralized (open-to anyone), very community driven ,and a true UTXO ,refined...... creating a respected ,practical ,security- centered blockchain consortium,that could be easily transformed to all other blockchain-crypto/tokens with just a screen-haptic press.Niiiiice!

DigiByte AMA - July 15, 6PM PST (July 16, 1PM NZST)Hi to all the DigiByte supporters, curious newbies, long-term holders, awareness team members, haters, shillers, enthusiasts, twitter-advocates, adoption-pushers and even those who will no doubt be joining us who are part of other blockchain projects. Welcome!I've got a day off work on Tuesday so it's time for another AMA. It's been a whopping 18 months since the last reddit AMA, and it was great fun and we got a lot of awesome info out to people. With our Odocrypt upgrade looking like it's going to be locked in by then and scheduled for a week later, this seems like the perfect opportunity to do another AMA.

Lets all embrace the big 3 utxo blockchains

Nigel DigiByte
What do you guys think of the new iOS update?

An improvement, I have less bugs. I also love the removal of the blockchain sync when I open the app. I can’t comment anymore since I have been running 1.09 for a long time since I’m in the beta, but def an improvement over 1.06.

think everyone should take a hard look at Digibyte and do some serious research. DGB blows them all away in every aspect hands down. Very decentralized, lightning fast, very secure, and has a full range of tools/products/services. It's a true Blockchain/Cypto. It will be used globally for a means of exchange and goods/services. It will be King in the future. It is smart and sophisticated with advanced tech. Not a "Dumb" coin. The Digibyte blockchain has over 250,000 nodes across six continents. DigiByte re-balances the load between the five mining algorithms by adjusting the difficulty of each so one algorithm doesn't become dominant. Digibyte has been around for over 5 years now and will raise to the top and be in the top 10 in the near future. DigiByte is not an ICO, which means there is no company and no CEO to speak of, there is simply a founder, Jared Tate, (@jaredctate), and a loyal and hard-working team and community! DigiByte is one of the most technologically superior coins on the market and is the fastest, most secure and decentralized UTXO blockchains to date. By 2020 the blockchain will handle over 2,000 transactions per second and will continue to scale every year until 2035, at which point the blockchain will handle 280,000 transactions per second. DigiByte uses it's own tech to protect itself against 51% attacks by using something called, DigiShield, which is also being used by, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Gold, MonaCoin, and several others. However, despite all of these established projects using a product of DigiByte for free, DigiByte is somehow below every single one of them in market cap value. Products of DigiByte include, Digi-ID/Antum-ID, which can replace your passwords and make your accounts a lot safer. DigiAssets will allow you to easily create, send, and receive digital assets in the form of a token. DigiCafe will allow your business to easily accept in-person DigiByte payments. Jared Tate's VESTi app will make paying rent and finding apartments so much easier using blockchain technology. And Block 30 Labs, which is the worlds first marketplace built on blockchain technology, is utilizing DigiByte to it's fullest potential. DigiByte and V-ID announced a partnership that will bring forward a new product called, Veritas, that will aim to fight against online imposters and fraud/Cyber Security. And just recently, has added DigiByte to their Visa cards that can be spent at 40+ million locations. They just partnered with Utrust not long ago. With all of this, and more, DigiByte is massively undervalued in my opinion. I always tell people to do their own research before investing in a crypto project, but because DigiByte has done so much in the last 5.5 years that there is a lot to research and can be overwhelming for newcomers, but if you've been in the crypto space for a while you will see the true value DigiByte can bring to the table.Digibyte today is all that Bitcoin was supposed to be in the first place. Love this coin! JMHO. Cheers! Go DGB!😎1 dag geleden