201BTC daily volume ... keep pumping

4BTC sell wall at 85sats on Bittrex ... eat it please🤞🏋🏻‍♂️ 🐳

Better go in btc atm bro

Dgb has officially reversed trend against btc on both daily and weekly time-frames! Line chart for closes much cleaner

Tomorrow will.pump btc to 10400$

You know I been waiting on .0067 since I sold took a lot longer but it may go lower if btc breaks down below 8k

Evryone is trigger happy nothing is certain I see all alts go up even without btc doing anything special except bounce from a lower low 🤷‍♂️

If coach wanna buy at his low target , DGb need to go down in sats ... stopped my DGB mining payout and switched back to BTC. We still not have reversal 😖😤😫

BTC $10,142.500L: $9,604.33|H: $10,204.281h: -0.36% 😕24h: 4.60% 😮7d: -1.17% 😑Vol: $54,484,600,421Bybit: $90 Bonus📈

I know btc has it trading buddies...

btc loves these dumps lately..

Let's focus on dgb price speculation if btc goes to 6500 what would that do to dgb

yesterday: one will never see btc under 10k usd again😂😂😂

If BTC succeeds I am sure that dgb hits 1$ in the next 15 years 👍😁 of course only speculation Sad that BTC affects all other coins, thats why I hate Bitcoin so much

Btc crossed on the 1w chart

Btc crossed on the 1w chart

Something massive will happen ,minimum is a 40% increase in btc

Are we painting a triple bottom reverse head and shoulders on the btc pair at the moment? It would coincide with the breakout from the bear trend

What do you think about btc this weekend coach? Blood on the streets again?

volume is down to 115BTC/days , sellers getting rare

Maybe btc to 8500..

9.1k is crucial...(9k)7.5k is on the trendline that will likely get hit if btc fails to support 9k

🐝 BTC UPDATE We have a double bottom at the $9500 level which indicates about the strong support in this area, moreover we all know that it is a bullish pattern. $BTC can reversal upwards here to at least $9650 area, which is a good opportunity for small scalp trade.

I liked btc at 8.8, but now I'm feeling greedy. didn't really expect to find it this quickly

Last halving, BTC slowly pump months after to a bull run

I mean this is a straight steal price. BTC will see ATH so quick and 100k EOY due to supermarkets adapting in the tech.

Bitcoin Price 15th June 2019: ~8800 USDChainlink Price 15th June 2019: ~1.51 USDBTC now: ~8800 USDChainlink now: ~3,76 USDChainlink seems strong