Beekers McCluer
if they corner me about anything crypto, I start with, don't expect anything except to lose your money. LOL

I tell my friends at least dip your toe in the crypto water... buy some DGB and HODL it for a few... so ya spend a C note..

Follow @Richard_Rangel_ if you want some good weekly trends on cryptocurrency. DGB is one of them.

cryptotwitter, got to love it

plus a crypto bull run season just around the corner

Dgb also is a lagend crypto in the world

Not denied It is a gamble ButThat’s what crypto is right

How does that one Thin Lizzy song go? The Bears are back in town! 🍕 I get excited when crypto is cheap ;) I feel like I just had lunch with Warren Buffet.

Gold, silver and cryptos all going to zero.ALL HAIL THE DOW...LONG LIVE THE LIE, MAY IT NEVER DIE.

Dont know do this market like the end crypto will die. Trust me..dont all in your money. Just sell your house car and your ass to buy crypto..😂😂😂

this bear market we will be remember in crypto history book

Crypto is a living beast and move unexpected

Good info in this video. Kinda boring to listen to but he have a great view of what's to come. Geo-politico-cryptopian future

I was hoping on more volume with all the stock markets going down with all the corona news. Crypto really needs some positive news to attract some of these money!rich

All currencies seem to be crashing Fiat & crypto