unless you mean entire cryptocurrency marketcap

"BBOD Research , the world’s major cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, has announced that it is launching DigiByte futures contracts with up to 25x leverage. DigiBytye was selected as one of 16 most popular and promising proj..."via @blockfolio

Dove Wallet. .We opened new cryptocurrency wallet, exchange service.Dove provide DGB as a key currency to trade.It means you can exchange directly from DGB to any other currencies.You can check here:
Post about binanace and bsv but digibyte also gets a mention

Nasti Ivanitskaya:Crypto market update: Bitcoin futures rumored to have launched on NasdaqThe cryptocurrency market is questioning the authenticity of the claim made by a popular qualitative analyst that he allegedly purchased a Bitcoin futures contract listed on Nasdaq’s TD Ameritrade futures. The broker, ‘Cryptopolis’ has $5.5 billion in yearly revenue. Other traders are yet to confirm if such futures are already being offered. However, Ameritrade has confirmed that traders with accounts having a minimum of $25,000 are allowed access to Bitcoin futures.It is good to note that by the time of press FXStreet had not confirmed if Ameritrade is offering Nasdaq Bitcoin futures or it could simply be CME’s. Cryptopolis said via a tweet: “BREAKING: BTC is now being traded on the Nasdaq! I bought one BTC through my TDAmeritrade account! According to the chart it started trading April 10, 2019!! Other digital assets are soon to follow!!”Read more:

Billionaire and founder of the Japanese investment firm SoftBank Group Masayoshi Son made a large bet on bitcoin at the time of reaching its peak in the cryptocurrency market at the end of 2017, but in January 2018 he already got rid of the asset. His losses from this transaction exceeded $130 million, sources familiar with the situation told The Wall Street Journal.Son invested in bitcoin on the recommendation of cryptocurrency supporter Peter Briger, whose investment company Fortress Investment Group was acquired by SoftBank in 2017 along with reserves in bitcoins and more traditional assets. Fortress first bought bitcoins in 2013. At the time of the transaction with SoftBank, its assets were estimated at more than $150 million.The exact size of the amount invested by son Is unknown, but knowledgeable people characterize him as a person prone to quick investment decisions and large risk rates, many of which have helped him become richer.The dream, however, is unlikely to be sad for a long time because of the history with bitcoin – its state Bloomberg LP estimates at $19 billion.Earlier in the network there were reports of SoftBank's participation in the investment round of the Chinese mining company Bitmain, but the company denied this information.

Digibyte is great and for me the better cryptocurrency and blockchain. Well, why DGB is only 0.01 USD? The answer for the question is simple...performance. Today, If DGB run to US$ 1, the coin market total Will be more 11 Billions Dolars. Today, this value in coinmarketcap is Top3 or Top4...i don't remember now. For run 1 dollar the people will be start use more DGB. The block3 and block5 is promising. But will tell people for attention DGB...or we don't move 0.01...0.05...0.10 USD.

The problem is not lost TOP 50. Digibyte have 5 years. Have more 11 billions coin in market. Have the better blockchain and more securite. Now, look for another projects. See Dash, for exemple. Is more new than digibyte. Now, what is your position in coinmarketcap? TOP 13. Now look for Litecoin. This is a big coin! But is more less fast in transaction than Digibyte. Now, see you coinmarketcap. TOP 5. Why Digibyte is only TOP51 now? Without Performance. A lot of people know cryptocurrency don't know digibyte. Specially out of Europe! This is the big problem of dgb. Is not project, is not your blockchain, is not your team....the problem is the peoples don't know or use digibyte for payments or reserve value. They prefer another cryptocurrency or don't meet digibyte. Everybody think about this!

250k DGB is enough to hold?

Everyone covers their feet as the length of the blanket. Also, when investing in cryptocurrency, you need to invest something that is not a pity to lose

My wife has just asked me why is there multiple payments adding up to 2500 gbp to CB payments (coinbase) to purchase my 300k of dgb... trying to explain blockchain technology and what cryptocurrency is was the hardest thing iv ever had to do.. easiest way out was to say in 5 years time you can leave work....
BTC premium on Bitfinex at $280 (~5%), widespread reports of people unable to withdraw fiat from the platform.

That was whole Jared idea to come with a cryptocurrency what can be use for the mass and can be owned by the mass!!! And what is much saver and faster than the other UTXO Blockchains and now it is on us to promote it everywhere that is the power on a real decentralised project like DigiByte iso owned by a company what only have one vision make money!!!!

And they will launch a cryptocurrency Blocks on DigiAssets


The old Centralized "TAX" Economy System (Debt base System) is going to fail/die as the results shown that:👎 It has to keep printing money💲 in order to keep the system alive.👎 Countries, Corporations and Individual are huge in debts, short-term debt pay long-term debts, they will not be able to pay all debts and become default ultimately.👎 Inflation Economy, money become worthless year by years (US Dollars had been depreciated more than 97% since 1913).👎 Authorization leads corruption.👎 Inefficiencies of Centralization.👎 At the society level, the wealth-gaps become bigger and bigger (rich become richer, poor become poorer) 1% of the top rich control 99% of the total wealth.👎 Many more..Decentralized Cryptocurrencies Blockchain Smart Contract Technology is the only way to solve all these problems and also to provide ultimate solutions for the arguments and problems from Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) to Austrian Economics Model to Keynesian Economics Model.  Why Blockchain Cryptocurrency❓👉 It can be a Commodity👉 It can be a Currency👉 It can be a Stock (Digital Stock Certificate, STO)👉 It can be an Asset (eg. Land Used Right)👉 It can be a Smart Contract, etc.. 👉 It is the combination of everything👉 It is a trust (Reduce tremendous amount for Cost of Trust)👉 It is transparent👉 Remove Centralization (Costly, inefficiencies & slow)👉 Trustworthy blockchain records (Almost cannot be rewritten)👉 Everything can be tokenized and run in blockchain👉 Smart Contract can be transactions for every business/financial/economic activities (can program anything in a trusted code without middlemen or middle companies)👉 P2P (People) Economy👉 AI and 5G linked Blockchain Economy👉 Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Economy, this will basically double up or triple up the size of economy compared to our existing inefficient old economy system (Eg. An AI refrigerator will automatically place order to buy foods & drinks from Amazon via Smart Contract when it reaches re-order level, the same about AI home, AI car, etc..)

Digibyte literally is the best REAL cryptocurrency out there, and people are buying the FAKE XRP