The bread cycle continues nobody will ever beat it. Nothing I guess it’s a consumeristic world that spin and I wanna see digibyte over the next 5-10 years be that coin for cryptocurrency from a Point of sale in these high social class supermarkets

If a cryptocurrency gets global adoption and useage.. It would need to be in the trillions

Will the addition of rightbtc volume be added to coinmarketcap? Something smells fishy with all the cryptocurrency have wash trading volume but dgb does not

But, for education each member of our community should know a little about mining of cryptocurrency

Guys, the sad truth is that to be on the top, a cryptocurrency hasn't necessarily to be good. Just look at dogecoin.People will buy Libra and they will not care about DGB. The market doesn't care about quality

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ray omerta

Looks the same like CryptoCurrency forum on Reddit
My coins in BitConnect can't just go

Bitcoin is a technology..a network..and a cryptocurrency. The technology is not regulated. Much like the internet, it could be considered a public good...Libra is not like bitcoin.

Cryptopia Hack Was An Inside Job Says Developer