I heard that cryptocurrency will gonna come and revolutionize the money, and protect people from draconian centeral banks and big corporates who get benefited the most from inflation and how the money is injected into the economy,seems like the same people are excluded right from the start in crypto.

Craig Wright Victorious in Kleiman Case After Signing with Satoshi's Key | Finance Magnates
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People getting into crypto are mostly interested in the money.. so why would they look for a better faster blockchain? What would they do with it and why? Dgb is down 50% this year

cryptocurrency were not created to lets get rich, it was created to store your hard labor into something which doesn't lose value.although I am not fan of inflation and deflation for me a currency should expand in supply like any other product but that is topic for some other day.this is speculation time most people will just buy and sell until they all get tiered and those who are slowly investing small quantities with dollar cost averaging will be the winner in long run.Those people are not investing in any coin they look for very specific things, I only hold digibyte not because it will pump and dump but because it is meant to function in real world. I hope with time the supply thing will be understood by the community but it is still the best option.CBDC will track you and your decisions and then your profiling, its a slippery slope.blockchain with government is a killer system.Because then you can make sure where people spend their money. with blockchain and wallets one can make sure that money is spent where it was meant to be spent.So if you got money government can set your food budget, miles you drives, medicine you get, restaurant you go to. clothes and their brands you buy. all this can be micro managed by government with the help of centralized blockchain.This is not in some future it is possible with current tech.

Crypto Mug James
Thats my hopes too. Xmas 2021🤞But if it take 5 years or more I’m cool with that. Lets hope not though lol

It would only need to get to 13 B market cap for DGB to be 1 dollar. 13 billion is nothing if cryptocurrency in general starts getting used more (plus, DGB can also be used to issue assets or for security).

The inflation of fiat currencies all around the world is likely to have the most impact on cryptocurrency vs fiat values

XRP is NOT a cryptocurrency!!! XRP is a pseudocrypto, that's totally centralized

and if dgb was picked up by Amazon or Google it would be THE cryptocurrency

Fear, Uncertainty, and DoubtFUD describes the spreading of “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” (typically through media). FOMO describes the “Fear of Missing Out.” ... Since this is a cryptocurrency site, let's discuss how FUD and FOMO relate to crypto. FUD is Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (often spread on social media or mass media).

Made this in /r/CryptoCurrency given that's where everything all started yesterday

Do you recommend other cryptocurrency’s to invest?
how did you hear about digibyte?

I am from Brazil, I am part of a community of cryptocurrency speculators

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Yeah, bald dude on YouTube named Jsnip4. His mom called him about the vision and golden bulldozer crypto
Sharon Michelle is not his mom... Lol

bitcoin is the stupid reason cryptocurrency now growing,it is so slow that people don't use it for daily transactions but it is too famous to speculate upon.And as it is the dominant coin, all other good useful coin don't get a chance to out perform it.

Not sure “Canada’s Premier Cryptocurrency Exchange” powered by Bittrex

Which cryptocurrency has this great community like we have


I trade almost every day, and when a good wave can be taken out and 50%, and sometimes nothing happens. The cryptocurrency market now is like a win-win lottery, the glane does not fuss much, be able to read the news between the lines, and do not stick your head in an ode to the basket. The melody is achieved by harmony))

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But I was just reading today that shopify, one of the biggest ecom platforms is accepting crypto. We are moving with light speed with adoption.

That is really big news. But I hope shopify allows users to pay monthly subscription with cryptocurrency too. I don't want no bank accounts connected to my online stores.

anon anon
Of course, for ecommerce the big benefits are fees. Credit cards and paypal take much more fees then most of the cryptocurrencies

Ohh don't even talk about PayPal. That is such a struggle for small businesses. Many problems with chargebacks and disputes over payments. That is another big reason why I love cryptocurrency to avoid these problems.

anon anon
Especially charegbacks after proof of delivery, how cant that even be :D

Usually paypal sides with the buyers. If you are a merchant or seller PayPal can be a nightmare. Lots of people had problems with PayPal also freezing there accounts for making fast money. I just don't like the middle-man idea when it comes to money. That is why cryptocurrency is here.

I am listening about cryptocurrency confiscation, how genuine news is this? Can anyone suggest?

Junior Boy
I trade you an apple for a banana, what is owed?

What part of a barter trade involves cryptocurrency?? 🙃

Yes but btc was the first cryptocurrency, therefore it's more than what it can do, bitcoin is a symbol and for this reason it's gonna lead the way for a while. Not a reason to hate on btc, it would have been the same with any other first crypto to appear.

These greed's were the reason, why Jared did those tweets couple weeks back, bashing Cryptocurrency ecosystem

DGB fastest decentralized cryptocurrency🚀🚀

Personally I'm really fucking grateful for all of these awesome projects out here the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem is really expanding at a ridiculous rate since January

the best cryptocurrency in the world

Skrill payment system did the same. But there is one problem cryptocurrency cannot be withdrawn to your wallet after purchase.

Still really undervalued.

The entire cryptocurrency space is so early we can put our money and pretty much anything and make tons of money from it

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Why would it? PayPal is shit

I know but they are working on adding the option to buy cryptocurrency. It would help if they add Digibyte.

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Yeah, we need a Hamilton

It will take time, but sooner or later people will realise that you cannot divorce bricks and mortar from cryptocurrency. Contracts are signed, deals are made in boardrooms that impact cryptocurrencies and blockchains. That is where the value is added.

Just believe in cryptocurrency