Competition from Monero, DASH.. its tough

dash not so much...

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I prefer long terms coin over these shity ICOs like Dgb BTC DASH AND LTC

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Dash is being pumped for no reason

No man i crypto world from 2016 and like always when btc rises then dash eth and rest of coins get pumped and now btc has been pumped badly and dash is being pumped i can say by the end if this month eth will be 400 usd and zec 350 usd and followed by all pumps Ahmad Its inflation more people coming in crypto world daily

Dash no reasons? Inform yourself better lol

Suu Dy
Dash is being pumped for no reason

Dash is preparing for a 2mb block size increase

Hey guys dont worry time will come for dgb to be pumped right now Dash , Eth and other coins are being pumped soon Dgb will be pumped and get ready and my advice to all is not to place a huge order on particular number, just split your order example if you have 4 btc worth of dgb then break your order into 0.3 btc or 0.4 btc and place on different number. Dont let walls to built up so that it gets hard to pump. Soon pumping season is going to come. Just be patient

This image keeps resurfacing within DigiByte circles even tho it has nothing to do with it. Why people keep posting this? Do people really think the Dash logo is DigiBytes?

"CryptoIdol is the most promising cryptocurrency exchange in India that gives crypto investors the option to trade in 12 major cryptocurrencies on a single platform in INR. With support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Neo, Ethereum Classic, Lisk, Dogecoin, Digibyte and Peercoin, CryptoIdol is one of the most promising cryptocurrency exchanges operational in India. Backed by Zimba Infonet LLP - an established digital marketing company, CryptoIdol promises simplicity, reliability and profitability for common investors. Zimba Infonet LLP has been founded by experienced tech professionals and has been providing reliable digital marketing solutions to clients across the globe."

Digibyte should see what they can learn from Dash on promotion.

Johan(not giving away free bitconnect) Grobbelaar 🇿🇦
I got a reason being up at crazy hour... What's yours?

My dashhund waked me up to go out, know I can’t get back to 💤, well she 💤 now and i am awake 😡

I’ll put DGB in a pot for sure! I think 80% of people will too. What would it cost to get advertising on YouTube etc? Not to long ago all I saw was ads from Dash when I clicked on a video

From the dash of your lambs

and with my excel dash I think DGB it could be between 0.70 to 1$

It is a good exchange for smaller altcoins. For btc, eth, bch, ltc, dash it's better to use other exchanges because there you must pay 3-5% fees more than coinmarketcap price. But cryptos not in the top10 you can buy at

But what about other coins etc like dash etc

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Johan for President !

These lazy arse noobs are getting to me. Quick to critisize, but probably did nothing themselves. They wanna buy 100,sit on their asses and scratch their balls watching the kardashians, browse Facebook and then come here moaning because other ppl won't do their jobs for them. This culture of entitlement is bullshit

DASh is up 30%+ , wish it was DGB 😩 in the mean time, I restarted my offline D3

Dash in trouble with their 51%. DGB is the future.

Ceo Hedgefund

cardano, dash and monero are nowhere near that slow.

monero is like, 2 min. dash is 2.5. cardano is like, 20 seconds..

Check this news: News via Crypto Market:

The problem is not lost TOP 50. Digibyte have 5 years. Have more 11 billions coin in market. Have the better blockchain and more securite. Now, look for another projects. See Dash, for exemple. Is more new than digibyte. Now, what is your position in coinmarketcap? TOP 13. Now look for Litecoin. This is a big coin! But is more less fast in transaction than Digibyte. Now, see you coinmarketcap. TOP 5. Why Digibyte is only TOP51 now? Without Performance. A lot of people know cryptocurrency don't know digibyte. Specially out of Europe! This is the big problem of dgb. Is not project, is not your blockchain, is not your team....the problem is the peoples don't know or use digibyte for payments or reserve value. They prefer another cryptocurrency or don't meet digibyte. Everybody think about this!

Digi Cafe dashboard 👆🏻

Same way I came into DGB.I asked God for guidance early 2018 because i'm a very spiritual person.In my dreams I saw ETH,LTC the third wasn't very clear but I saw the aura was blue .Immediately I came across DGB ,I knew it was the one,since then I've been able to x7 my bag.I have no doubts in my mind.

It had a blue aura and so now you have no doubts in your mind. No chance it could have been Enjin Coin, Dash, Ontology, Cardano, LiteCoin, Waves, Steem, ?? Maybe you should dial up god again and show him that list just to be sure.

focus on alt if you want to accumulate some.

not now. will see bottom of alts/btc next year near halving.except few alts like dash eth ltc are good to accumulate long term

From q4 2018 to q2 2019 is best time to buy crypto especially bitcoin right now focus only on bitcoin till next halving excpet few alts are also good to hold like eth ltc and won't regret if you buy btc under $10k.but need to hold atleast one year after halving ie q4 of 2021.Year 2021 will be alts year and 2020+2021 will be bitcoin year.don't forget to sell your profit before end of q4 2021 i.e next bear trend.i think next bull run already started but right now market still in confused state. within next 2-4 month next long bull run will start for surestarting slowly and gaining momentum every months . then year 2021 will be full moon like 2017. we can see btc over 100k$+ sure its a good time to accumulate dont care price now $4k $5k or $8k wont matter much.

DGB BTC LTC DASH ETH NEO are good coins to hold

Chris (ˆڡˆ)
Yea and just use a web browser correct?

Yup. The browser asks you to sync the device to the dashboard

The dashboard is pretty easy to use

I see bk and other guys talking about DGB is down.We aren't the only ones.XVG ,PPT,RDD,ETH DASH and a whole lot of altcoins are deep down.So what's the fuss ? We were always above a lot of other coins in terms of percentage reduction from ATH in 2018 ,we just came down to their level.Not as bad as folks are trying to make it look.Lastly,DGB has a tradition of mooning last.That's something folks investing long term should have first researched.This is not an excuse for our defects ,just saying it the way it is.

Dash and 0x USDT trading pair for ZBG is excluded for example