There's plenty of money that can flow into DigiByte

And all depends how you value dgb as a person for me DigiByte is already more worth than a dollar.

When digibyte will scam?🤣🤣

I'm ready to see DigiByte fly!
Don't forget blockchain is more then just financial..

For a world that wants to securely interact, DigiByte provides the key. Permissionless and outside the control of whim and fashion but not a safehaven for criminality. DigiByte is whatever we choose to make of it.

Digibyte should have reach 1€ at least

Let’s find the next DigiByte community member. 💙

Btw even if i buy 10m digibyte u will buy x 5 ? there is somebody here in this group with some talented skills that can be useful

A lot of buying power for DigiByte