I still wonder if we are just ploys in the game of Whales!!

Why someone has to build that 250 wall?Like, why that resistance is being pulled in first place?Does Digibyte coin Org creates that wall to test the capability or else the exachanges decide that number or some bigger whales wants to do oscillation game in between the bracket? Does human behavior is deciphered as in the graphs or the manipulators decides the human behavior by varying the trade as per preestablished graph? wow=Have you ever felt that coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin are not secure and scalable enough? If you have, then DigiByte is something for you!

pitched a friend who bought his first DGB.. what turned him was the fixed Supply that will be mined by 2035 .. we ran through some DGB memes and posts on twitter and here to show how strong the community is .. with a supply fixed and community and demand growing he made a nice green candle the other day.. now told him to make a Digibyte tick tok video to help spread the word

Can someone explain me why digibyte rise so slow? It's not even 3 cents? Do you really believe it will go to 10 20 30 dollars?

yeah actual blockchain solutions hit the scalability wall. ERC-20 tokens are moving to better, faster and cheaper solutions. Digibyte is primed to get the business

Token migration will FOMO digibyte in my view

I wish the Hodgetwins would come back supporting DigiByte

Hello Traders,We are happy to announce a new giveaway as a celebration of our new DigiByte listing. Trade a minimum volume of $100 and be eligible to share the prize pool of 50,000 DGB. How long will the promotion last?Start date: Wednesday, July 8th 10:00 AM UTCEnd date: Sunday, July 12th 23:59 UTCTrade now!

I got a big bag of Digibyte around $0.024 so I know holding will be worth it... that was during the big pump recently. I just wanted to get in fast and wait for this price to reach anywhere from $0.03 - $0.10...The question is should I hold until $1? Of course I want too lol. We can still dream.

Digibyte didn't had mainstream crypto media attention before, looking good for future ATH when FOMO kick in

DigiByte is going to explode 😱😱😱

DigiByte community has been growing consistently for quite a while now :)

I want to see someone create a “Buy $20 of DigiByte on Aug 1st and pledge to HODL till 2022” campaign

Piyush Khandelwal
Any new update?Listing information?

Subscribe digibyte push notifications on blockfolio or delta direct.

why dont someone start a trend of twitter about digibyte too....😂😂😂

Digibyte is so good. It is perfect

Why not someone is doing Tiktok on Digibyte? 🤔🤔😂

Needs positive news to pump it

Yo, if you have some spare time go on twitter and retweet and like some of the good digibyte tweets 😊 Will help with the engagement and awareness. It takes 5 minutes and in the long run, it has a very big impact 👍