You have link about bakkt testing?

is tron a coin or erc20 token on ethereum?

The majority of shit on Ethereum’s blockchain is just that: shit

They add every shitty ERC20 under the sun. They are heavily invested in Ethereum

Dylan Hairston
1m digibyte + should be enough right? To see some millions?

Go read twitter posts from 2010 abput Bitcoin. Then about Litecoin and Ethereum later. You will find the same questions and the same answers. Unconsistent and boring conversation sorry.
Edd Castillo
is there any other project offering This kinda tech?

Do you mean smart contracts?Yes Ethereum 😅Digiassets are basically Tokens

Central exchange trading hardly effects the blockchain at all, it's all off chain... decentralised exchanges however....

maybe digi assets are being created and moved. But what ever it is, it is very big, because it resembles ethereum's transaction pattern.

Beekers McCluer
markets like this are a complicated beast. anything really can happen.

see, by the time markets will get rational and start looking at the fundamental of tech beneath the coin, it will be too late.Right now is the time for creating network effects and I am super eagerly waiting for the realease of digi asset on android wallet and other wallet, such that other people can create their own assets.This will give the needed boost and also start the process of creating the network effect, just like etherem did, and now everyone is molding their projects to support ethereums smart contract language.


Finally. Businesses realizing DigiByte is superior to Ethereum 👍

I'm sure you all have seen this video already, right? DGB the Ethereum killer

I said it earlier and I will tirelessly say it again. DigiByte at 80 sats is an insult to all the smart and passionate, dedicated people that spend their lifetime building a new economy. Everyone will benefit from it. Its price should be way above Ethereum.

AmSpec x V-ID Entering Oil & Gas sector with a global heavyweight! AmSpec will be one of the very few companies in its sector to sensibly apply state of the art blockchain technology. From now on, the V-ID blockchain tech will protect the AmSpec values against falsified reports; any report can now be verified whether it’s an original, or a copy. The digital fingerprint of the AmSpec reports will be stored on the Ethereum, LTO Network and DigiByte blockchains.

doesn’t this put the next ATH high for both BTC and alts at around 2021?

Correct. Bitcoin 200-400k, Ethereum 8-13k. The cycle top should be by 2021 end. Give or take two 60 day cycles deviation.

Yeah it is - but that’s why i also hold the classics (bitcoin / ethereum)

Most dapps do not require infrastructure like what ethereum provides since they are heavily centralized anyway, think of gods unchained

ethereum will have it's place for true dapps, like defi, but a lot of use cases are better suited on cheaper blockchains like dgb

people in crypto just see it as a shitcoin because of low price, low market cap, and lack of documentation. People are still choosing more centralized chains because they offer easier tools for developers. Ethereum had a huge pre-mine which is how they built up the documentation necessary for developers to build on solidity.

But 10.000 transactions per second and the liquidity and brand recognision it has, will make many projects obsolete

ETh 1, 2, 3, n. It does not matter. Some of the worlds most worthless fiat still has a value greater than zero. Some of the world’s trash is worth something to someone. We don’t live in a zero sum game, and Ethereum’s success is completely discrete of DigiByte’s or any other projects success

🚥Ethereum Gas Prices🛴 Safe Low: 1.0 Gwei < 30mins🚗 Normal: 5.0 GWei <5 min🏍 Fast: 10.0 GWei <1 min🏎 Fastest: 15.4 GWei 1-2 BlocksHBAR Bonus - OKEx💵

Such anger is this room. Look, we all saw something great. It tanked. We were wrong. Its over. So what is the next coin to look at? It seems EOS, Ethereum, and Chainlink seem like hot coins these days.

When 2021 and will ethereum 2.0 damage DGB

When 2021 and will ethereum 2.0 damage DGB

ethereum is a mess, many bugs , many $$ lost. Real world usuability is a fail. They need to rebuild from scratch 🙄 Lot's of hype but huge software mess

he created ethereum for being different than everything else

Ethereum tested it with those cats...

as I have said many times DGB has to beat ethereum in terms of applications that gets build upon it, becuase currently other qualities of DGB are not required, like fast transaction, decenteralization, security etc they are needed but not demanded.hence people are voting to get a stable coin on the chain and more financial asset and different services to earn interest in this negetive interest environmentment set by the centeral banks.I highly request the community to demand more finance related services to be built upon the chain rather than developing chain further.jared asked same on twitter just let him know
Fx Life
Guys are we still optimistic for digi?

no need to be optimistic for next 10 years, this project is not for financial gains, it is created to provide security to the internet through blockchain.You can build dapps on it, or application, but if you want to store sum data that is are probably looking for some blockchain on which financial products gets made and digibyte is not that, you should look toward ethereum.if you want to secure login to your applications or site then you can impliment digi-id.or if you want to raise some money for project then you can release some assets on it. Just no decenteralized automation.

Don't kid yourself that applications don't need DigiByte to function..... people are charging dollars to their customers and using fractions of a DigiByte to transact!

which application need digibyte, digibyte don't allow any application to be build upon it, but as a way for application to store some data and utilize it's digiasset functionality and with digi-id it provide security for login if an application needs it.So it is not like ethereum, the digiasset only require dgb for moving these assets, digi-id works without DGB. So what wrong am I getting here?
Coach King Julian I
I wish I would never have bought back in...I'm going to step away for a while cuz charting my money to zero holding is getting fucking depressing.

we should ask developers to build something over second layer, we always stuck on layer1 of the DGB, while ethereum and other project are going crazy by building over second layer.DGB needs second layers applications.

why ripple is so popular it isn't like ethereum or bitcoin.update: it is chain and on that chain products are built for banks to transfer money, it is still stuck with banking system.

Never been bullish on DeFi / Eth like Chico Crypto is . Never build your house on weak foundation.