Hi all! This group has been created to ensure there was a DGB speculations and offtopic channel. The other group wasnt DGB only anymore, so I created this one. I am in contact with some DGB people to get some sort of approvement for this channel. Please note, I am not a dev, mod or official Admin. You can report a message by tagging @Admin.

ok.. so now ask digibyte monk he can help you.. and after that share the link of this group with the prvious channel which had d same name so many can come here..

and please take care of spamming.. nowadays many come shill their ico and coins..

I am an admin in the old one to

But the original owner changed the name, I want to fill the DGB speculations channel hole with this one.

yes e1 i was waiting for this after dat name changed

hello Pascal & Sanham

If this group gets crowded, I will make sure we get some dev’s from different timezones.

Good idea guys, wasnt to happy with the change

Me neither ;) Since I was an Admin at the old one, I hope people ‘trust me’ or something.

Ok not exactly, bought 14 neo yesterday😂

Can't harm to be in both is my thought

me all in DGB not a single other coin

I am very curios what will happen this week

I started at the raise of DGB

a True All In DGB Hodler

Bought at € 3-5 cents

And got the avereage lowered by bying at 2 and 1 cents

i started wid 660 sats then 780 den 1025 and den again at 750 and den 480

You bought good😄

It is what it is, and having spent allot keeps me holding on

Which country Faisal?

Live in australia, born in afghanistan

Hodling for many years to come 😃

If it raises, it will keep raising