Yep. Just bought back in though. Likes like the reverse apex is forming...maybe back up the ramp we go... +6% trade completed

waiting if btc break the support of 2980$ we can see a rebond to 4924$ 🧐

Only because people think they are safe

Soon they will be rekt. If BTC drops.. some groups jump into a random coin to make profit.That wont work under 3k

Hello admin kindly pm me

Feels fucking painful

To admit i fucked up and should have sold my trading bag at 4k

Yea. I should've waited to buy back in. Looking at .00945 for bounce. If not .008

For btc 3547 and then 3333

Btc will go to major supp 2950

Next major supp. 2030

what an amazing drop, loved it.

GREAT NEWS!!!! Took 2 years following up with these guys, we never stop following up! https://twitter.com/BittrexExchange/status/1083483690024484864?s=19
discovernow digibyte
All TEAM, were all in this together.

Absolutely. That’s what I meant. 😅 I’m sure BK will be happy but haven’t seen him for a while

Where is bk guys..long time see

He always talk about bittrex dgn/usd

Cryptotos FiGhter
Where is bk guys..long time see

He is on Twitter. He's been posting about his Dgb socks


advice of the year : waiting or buy more and hold until Q3 2023 😁👍🚀🚀🚀🚀