Really hoping we get to .015

Big BTC wallets moved. If BTC drops DGB will go down with it.But if bulls can handle BTC.. well DGB should moon. Lets hope it stays stable 😊

BTC moved to buy altcoins

Like the last sell offs? Both triggered by whale sell offs...Like whole 2018

Cool ain’t it. Lol

That’s great news

Guys think will see resistance at 0.015?

But dont believe me lol

Dgb have a many good news

Just wait and patience

Think I would come out better selling now to acquire more? Really in it long term but just to increase my position.

Don’t play with fire :)

If you wanted to trade it is better to sell at the upper resistance not the lower. More risk selling nearer the lower resistance.

See dump again..i waiting to buy more dgb

Maybe last buy this year at the dip

Door open till $0.006

Hello everyone this group is closing

We are migrating to

If you need help in anyway PM me and I will help you to join the new Speculations