I think so too

microsoft and all big firms started accepting bitcoin, but fees became a problem, DGB won't have this problem.

BTC fees?

when people started transacting in bitcoin the fees got so high that there was no incentive for people to continue with bitcoin, plus the volitility added to it.

And just as I said that someone is trying to sell 170 Bitcoins lol

The only reason why it’s not is because we aren’t on Binance, Bithumb, and all of these exchanges, and we don’t have a bunch of paid shill bots who trick everyone into believing it’s the finished product of Bitcoin. XRP shills need to understand that there will be a lot of government interference and red tape for bank integration

Dogecoin, Bitcoin Gold is on that list too

For example Bitcoin Gold don’t use digishield now

Bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, bitcoin sv, dogecoin, bitcoin gold decred, none has any value other than being a speculative asset, they can't be used as payment system nor they have any other funcationality.I don't know why people still invest into these coins, it's a clear indicator that only speculation is going on and there is no value investing in the current market, no investing is based upon the fundamentals.More over 99% market doesn't even know what should be the fundamentals to be used to judge these cryptos

For FFS, governing bodies haven’t even allowed a ETF for Bitcoin yet

Tone Vays not only is a Bitcoin maximalist but he also can’t be taken seriously by spelling “scammer’s”

Bitcoin Diamond really

Stock market is slipping, Bitcoin goes up 🤔

Try local bitcoin's or trusted exchanger

Can I get a one week ichimoku bitcoin chart anyone?

There is literally nothing stopping a group of people from forming a "board" or whatever. Bitcoin has one (centralized), Dash has one (centalized), on and on and on...

The world is filled with 7billion people (approximately)

With L the knowledge about bitcoin and the struggle to acquire it, I'd say 10k BTC is fucking cake lol

Bitcoin actually took 10 minutes to get to Exodus

My fish and chip shop take bitcoin and litecoin - aim is Digibyte on the digicafe app

it depend on the bitcoin, if btc go up we will follow

What you mean by marketing is... Money to throw around to influence stuff, that's what Digibyte currently lacks, not marketing.

Tunji, with marketing I meant spending some money to get an article on big tech and crypto sites with a heading like."Bitcoin beaten by A 44 Times faster coin called DIGIBYTE"

Adz Dee
Nothing to do with BTC dumping

No one knows for sure. We havent had this situation before. Bitcoin started at the end of last stock market crash in 2008. Since then we Ha vent had this situation. So we have to wait to see how it plays out.

I'm so glad I sold, bitcoin is currently crashing

Can someone tell me what's supposed to happen on Jan 3 ?

How is Dgb mining different from bitcoin cash or litecoin?

I know for sure when those guys come in, bitcoin and others will go to Mars.I'm ready to wait.

Litecoin is having a halving before bitcoin. August 2018

Its possible if digibyte substitutes for Bitcoin. Or would have to be a top 5 ranked cryptocurrency where the market cap that is higher than the all time high market cap of cryptocurrency. But we won't have to worry about any of that until governments are a proponent of cryptocurrency

Any body has bitcoin to sell please i need bitcoin Price Tanks $250 In Minutes But Analysts Say Bullish Trend Intact

{Translated}A project to sell bitcoins for fiat money has been launched in tobacco shops in France. The author of the project was the Keplerk crypto-processing service.For 50, 100 or 250 euros, the client receives a card with a alphanumeric code and a QR code, which must be entered on the Keplerk website, after which the bitcoins can be transferred to the desired wallet. For each such operation will be charged 7% commission.By February, the project is expected to spread to 6,500 tobacco shops.

On the 14nd of February 2019, V-Day, is destined to be a day worthy of being included in history.On this day, a disruptive blockchain epic which will play a huge role in identity security, internet freedom, private social-networking as well as decentralized finance and commerce— V-Dimension, will be fully launched!The ICEX currency high-multiplier conversion and Genesis Game officially begin. The client-end PC wallet and the light wallet both get posted for download. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin, we need to pay our high respects to Nakamoto and all previous blockchain application dev. teams and participants. It is because of everyone's tireless research on blockchain that we can stand on the shoulders of the giants and announce the arrival of V-Dimension to the world.This time, we will completely disrupt the future! This time, we will redefine freedom! Let us look forward to a beautiful world of privacy and wealth freedom.The VDS Chain Full Scale Launch't miss out on ICEX, the currency conversion high multiplier!! Project Release