Other adoptions for blockchain needs a lot of time...

Blockchain is fine without crypto

Can we be considered the US Penny stable coin #DigiByte humor..I know we worth more than a US penny. One can’t even send a penny across the world without spending the penny! This correction looks promising #UTXO #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Litecoin #ZCoin #NPCcoin #DASH

Time for some more positive news LinkedIn:782 followers, 769 connections most viewed still!! digicafe payment 1012 views utxo comparison blockchain dgb 332 views ! Keep in mind only investors from banks to investors CEO’s svp vp , business owners, founders all discussion makers !! stay save and hold.

It’s not for mining, it is only for running a full node. Which helps the DGB Blockchain.

No rewards mate. Apart from making the Blockchain better

Joe Moginots:I dont know why people care so much about corrupt Binance and Coinbase. Both of those platforms will be as irrelvant as myspace is to social media in a few years. Once blockchain starts taking off, everything will change. Dont take my word for it..just ask AOL, Myspace, Angelfire, Napster, Limewire, Mirc, ICQ Chat, Lycos, and eventually tokenbase and binance. Crypto and Blockchain is way bigger than those peon companies.

Coach Julian
And people who know crypto in the world are like 8% and investors are less than 1%.

last survey I saw said something like 80% of people know about blockchain/bitcoin even if they don't understand it

only true UTXO blockchains are the ones they own 100% of the risk on

I'm 100+% confident that our 5 year future selves will look upon our present selves and see lots of should've, could've, would've opportunities not taken in terms of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

I wish we could just fast forward and see where/how blockchains end up being used

Its blockchain is proven and is very secure

my brother’s company is one of the largest insurance companies in the world. I’m trying to reach out to his bosses about integrating DGB’s blockchain so information from their huge customers can’t be vulnerable

While he probably doesn’t care to have all of the attention adulation, there are people who casually follow this project that need a reason to get in. If the goal is mass adoption from a currency and blockchain technology standpoint, each development should be celebrated

I sure hope so. This project has done all it can do with regards to currency and blockchain tech adoption

I have reached out to the state farm insurance company about DigiByte. I just read a press release from them that they want to use a blockchain solution

If i am right then people are working on Blockchain since 1998.Says enough its complicated.Banks cant win but they alrdy adopted blockchain.I love DGB and i am a long time hodler for yearsBut like Google its open source and open source first gets stolen and will be used by many....Then u have seeded and look what Google is today... but also google what google was before it was the Big Name Google.

​​UAE Exchange has partnered with Ripple to launch blockchain cross-border remittances to Asia by Q1 2019Now you guys understand why I focus on the Middle East and trust me some verry high level people are following dgb

And what is there to say more We purchased already.

If I buy into an alt I have fake confidence? No where have I said it will moon or do better than any other. Just think it's a good investment like Dgb or Ada or stellar or dent. Or other alts I have. Nowhere have I said about saying it's the best.

Chris you are doing a good job of diversifying, and I am all up with it, because buying a index of top 10 or 20 or 50 coins is the best bet to protect oneself from volitality, but this is only true when market is mature and people know what they are buying.Currently no one knows what they are buying.Blockchain doesn't have many use cases right now and most things are better with normal data base.the only criteria it was able to capture was currency and in that regard DGB rocks.I face this very question and thought of diversifying and later found that most coins are just copy cats.

If you release something like a real estate app when everyone wants to learn about blockchain and crypto all at once, it gets maximum exposure

Real use case tokens that solve problems or make Blockchain industry leap forward get listed 🤔 .

DigiByte will never need permission from anyone for its blockchain tech or its currency to be used or mass adopted

It's centralisation is a feature that could make it work

Banks like utilising services from companies that they can speak to if there's a problem.They like doing business with businesses.They couldn't work with a decentraland blockchain.

didn't get you

Xrp is the only alternative for banking payments and remittances on blockchain

It just goes to show, that Tone really does not know about Blockchain. If he thinks DGB is pre mined, I feel sorry for him. How can anyone take him serious ever again.

You'd make more money from crappy blockchains

How safe are wallets like ethos universal wallet or ?

The blockchain wallet was the one you could get free stellar coins. But I havent received mine yet.

For DGB to skyrocket, FIat currency has to go into hyperinflation, and then there will be a transactional burden on all coins and tokens and only the blockchain which will be able to handle that level of transaction will win the masses, and I think DGB can be that fast transactional crypto.

Batyr [Jan/3 🔑]
It’s fast now, in which blockchain very very small amount of transactions

firstly people will buy famous coins and then once those blockchain get's slowed they will move to DGB.

Batyr [Jan/3 🔑]
Let’s see next hardfork of ETH in January

Eth uses something other than UTXO blockchain, which has limitations when it comes to scalability.

I know some blockchain, which has colored coins, bla bla bla, but it’s useless

the first two infrastructural limitations are 12 sec sync time, plus the bandwidth of masses. so DGB has 15 second blocktime, so does ETH, blocksize will increase in both DGB and ETH the only thing left is supply of DGB and ETH, will these supply be enough to satisfy the need of applications and other things built upon these blockchain.

a great exmpale would be AI on blockchains. I still haven't found an actual reason why you need a blockchain for AI.

I didn't see any reply about crypto replacing banks or why AI needs a blockchain, which were my specific examples of how people are trying to jam this tech into places it really doesn't need to be.

There is no doom days it’s fairytales blockchain is the future but watching the market every will make you go crazy

Hope they crack BTC blockchain and everything falls to zero so we can forget about this crap market and move on with our lives .....

Let’s let Bittrex know who is the best Blockchain DigiFam.

By utilizing the power of DigiByte Blockchain and DigiAssets protocol to improve the function and efficiency of the entire housing process, from finding roommates, to managing a rental, to eventually purchasing a property. VESTi's platform is here to take the middlemen (and the inefficiency) out of the housing market.

Vesti will be Huge.

vesti, Utrust, Digiasset, Digi Id, Digibyte blockchain and more behind the scene. seriously I don t understand why DGB is not in top 10 of crypto with value of 1€ minimal 👊🧐

I’ve introduced DGB to over hundreds of people and for some reason they’re convinced ETN and TRX are better! The people who truly understand crypto and blockchain turned into DGB lovers ❤️

HrmI just dont get the vesti thingWhy did people need a blockchain to rent and find roommates?What problem is the blockchain trying to solve?

On the 14nd of February 2019, V-Day, is destined to be a day worthy of being included in history.On this day, a disruptive blockchain epic which will play a huge role in identity security, internet freedom, private social-networking as well as decentralized finance and commerce— V-Dimension, will be fully launched!The ICEX currency high-multiplier conversion and Genesis Game officially begin. The client-end PC wallet and the light wallet both get posted for download. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin, we need to pay our high respects to Nakamoto and all previous blockchain application dev. teams and participants. It is because of everyone's tireless research on blockchain that we can stand on the shoulders of the giants and announce the arrival of V-Dimension to the world.This time, we will completely disrupt the future! This time, we will redefine freedom! Let us look forward to a beautiful world of privacy and wealth freedom.The VDS Chain Full Scale Launch't miss out on ICEX, the currency conversion high multiplier!! Project Release