Ceo Hedgefund
Dont forget the 3 off jan proof off keys day

Is this such a good idea cos cause a lot of exchanges to disappear cos much of the crypto they hold is derivatives.

For DGB to skyrocket, FIat currency has to go into hyperinflation, and then there will be a transactional burden on all coins and tokens and only the blockchain which will be able to handle that level of transaction will win the masses, and I think DGB can be that fast transactional crypto.

Coach Julian
I said last week we should sponsor an event..a fighting event... And then Litecoin sponsors the next UFC event on tomorrow...

Lol no need to sponsor I think what jared/ dev team are doing is perfect wait and wait a lot off things are happening just read all crypto news worthless ICO/ coins are are going down , best focus is speed and security the last 1 will boost dgb if dgd will impossible to hack

Dude i know jan 7 is big. I know that. I've been waiting on Dx. But it's also a 50/50 because it's almost a certainty bad news will flood the marker before it opens to try and keep money in investors pockets and out of crypto. This is politics

It's about money first especially in this phase of crypto. Crypto is an avenue to make money and not yet money itself and traders are the ones making the most money. Not hodlers... Dgb is the most room to grow

New easy way to gey fiat into crypto means easier for people to invest. People like easy

You believe they have all their money only in America?

are you suggesting that there are tons of whales in EU that haven't found a way to put money into crypto?

I hoop I’m wrong but the crypto community proof off keys day sounds logic! But when it’s about €$£¥ no 1 cares about pof day

People use crypto on wrong way

People make crypto scam lol

in the first 6 months of 2019 they are a lot of big event and launch in crypto sphere

I just want to see crypto used similarly to a currency.

on the other hand, we have a crypto coin for just about anything you can imagine, claiming to revolutionize everything.

my point is simple. crypto is not a silver bullet.

I didn't see any reply about crypto replacing banks or why AI needs a blockchain, which were my specific examples of how people are trying to jam this tech into places it really doesn't need to be.
Ceo Hedgefund

I plan on doing same, lots of folks interested in crypto but too scared to do it themselves

Its possible if digibyte substitutes for Bitcoin. Or would have to be a top 5 ranked cryptocurrency where the market cap that is higher than the all time high market cap of cryptocurrency. But we won't have to worry about any of that until governments are a proponent of cryptocurrency

What is happening with the crypto market?

Actually most of the crypto price (top100) have corrected around 50% from the last run up.I personally in a big doubt for the short term.Its either a bull run or we will see another suckers rally.

See. Y'all still thinking you would need to exchange into another currency to purchase goods and services when dgb reaches +$1... Lmao. Y'all crack me up. The only matters right now cuz usd or eur is a currency. But hopefully before 2022 crypto will become a currency itself and then btc/dgb pairing will be more important that usd/dgb

Another reason to accumulate down here!
Ray R
Is this genuine

I was fairly new in crypto then too and I had no idea what the hell was happening.

the next 2 Q of 2019 they are many thing who launch in cryptosphere

Vesti will be Huge.

vesti, Utrust, Digiasset, Digi Id, Digibyte blockchain and more behind the scene. seriously I don t understand why DGB is not in top 10 of crypto with value of 1€ minimal 👊🧐

a lot of people doesnt even know what crypto is so we have to promote DGB more

I’ve introduced DGB to over hundreds of people and for some reason they’re convinced ETN and TRX are better! The people who truly understand crypto and blockchain turned into DGB lovers ❤️

crypto diamond
why bro? if you pay 10 or 20 dollar in a month is better than paying per order

you haven't done the math yet, then. 10 USD will cover fees on 4K USD on bittrex. 10K USD on polo. are average people spending 4-10K USD a month on crypto?

Depends on news. Crypto very sensitive right now.But we been touching the support too much for me to be confident in a rise. Time will tell but if we drop below .0113 ill be letting go personally

Crypto just for whale lol

I hope this situation will change..crypto need clean from manipulation

So 10 years 20 years crypto is same like this..

So many ppl loose their money in crypto

{Translated}A project to sell bitcoins for fiat money has been launched in tobacco shops in France. The author of the project was the Keplerk crypto-processing service.For 50, 100 or 250 euros, the client receives a card with a alphanumeric code and a QR code, which must be entered on the Keplerk website, after which the bitcoins can be transferred to the desired wallet. For each such operation will be charged 7% commission.By February, the project is expected to spread to 6,500 tobacco shops.

Paris tobacconists branch out, start selling cryptocurrency - CoinGeek