Hey guys this is true or scam Binance Customer Support: It has been an exciting past year🔥🔥🔥. Thanks to your support, we are giving away 10,000 Ethereum! To identify your address, please send 1-20 ETH to the payment address👉 ✅ ✅ 👈 and we will immediately send you 10-200 ETH back to the address you sent it from. You can use any EXCHANGE or WALLET in this event! If you are late, your ETH will be instantly returned. We know it has been a rough past few months for Cryptocurrency hodlers😓, but maybe this gift will cheer you up!😉 Best wishes✌️

But, not all cryptocurrency will be used as payment option.

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But xrp banks make it and has alot big partnerships

Divo Cooga: xCurrent is their flagship product. It gives banks the ability to efficiently move money across borders. It uses RippleNet, the Ripple blockchain, but does NOT use XRP. Banks like this software because it allows them to save money and time when sending payments, without introducing much risk or changes to their workflow. xRapid helps banks improve liquidity when trading in emerging markets. It is the only Ripple product that does use XRP. Banks like it because it helps them free up mountains of money they’re stuck sitting on, but dislike it because it introduces unknowns — such as the volatility of XRP. Remember that impressive 100+ list of financial institutions Ripple is working with? Guess what, they are all using xCurrent. And xCurrent does not use XRP. Of the 100+ partnerships Ripple has, ONLY ONE actually uses XRP the cryptocurrency. There is just one small “non bank financial institution” from Mexico called Cuallix that is using xRapid. This means that the headlines showcasing Ripple’s partnerships with more and more banks are good — Ripple the company is succeeding — but also don’t mean much for XRP gaining adoption Ripple controls RippleNet and they own a whopping 62% of the total XRP coins in existence. This has understandably worried XRP investors and Ripple’s response was to lock up 55 billion coins in escrow. As with any centralized system, investors now have to trust Ripple to keep their word. And they most likely will. Given their strategy is to release 1 billion each month for the next 55 months, they stand to gain a lot of money by selling these 55 billion XRP tokens at the current market price. The reason digital currency have failed in the past is because a centralized digital currency is too easy to kill with regulation. Bitcoin’s decentralization is one of the reasons it’s survived when digital coins of the 2000s (like E-gold, Liberty Reserve and Tencent) failed.

Digibyte share market around 3% currently, it mean 3% from $80 trillion is $2.4 trillion Lets we say in 2034 or 2035 digibyte supply ready 21 billions coin 2.4 trillions market ÷ 21 billions dgb = ~$114 per DGB What if digibyte share marketu around 8% It mean digibyte will have market 6.4 trillions dollar $6.4 trillions ÷ 21 billions dgb supply = $304 per DGB Simple math

We can not replace bitcoin but we can make it better and that’s what we are doing as a community and is why we have a place in this industry! We allow people to keep their transactions in crypto if they choose, while some will be slow to use everyday Cryptocurrency many will own it. Maybe not in hand but in their pension plans and other assets.

Remember guys, I am not always right but I told you Universities are Important for DGB long term vision. For those who are new, DGB has spoken at Harvard/MIT2x, been invited to speak at Stanford, and many other Universities. I talked to Notre Dame in fact today, University of Washington Yesterday. Now don't ask me if any of these universities are investing in DGB, but I have 1 suggestion for all you guys, Hold DGB for 2 years+ CCN Breaking: Harvard, Stanford, & MIT Have All Invested in Cryptocurrency Funds Harvard and MIT are among a group of five large educational institutions that have invested in at least one cryptocurrency fund.
I saw this app called PIVOT what is a community for cryptocurrency investors. you must try!
We are very excited by the listing of DigiByte on the new Extauri Exchange! Extauri is the newest big player and is joining NASDAQ and Bakkt in the race to provide compliant cryptocurrency exchange functionalities and will be an environment through which institutional investment firms can join retail investors. Extauri will be Europe’s regulated fiat and crypto exchange which will list utility and security coins/tokens as well as traditional banking products such as stocks, funds or ETFs based on crypto and fiat. Projects like Extauri will bring more security to the crypto industry and lift it to the next level.

It is ridiculous, no matter if it is telcoin, byteball, digibyte telegram... Everyone says that the cryptocurrency they have invested in will moon xd. Many of you have given diagrams with potential price of digibyte in the future, but why nobody didn't even assume that the project could fail? 90% of startups fail.

I don't see anything special about Bitcoin. And as long as people don't actually spend it, and just hold it, it's going to go down. This holding mentality is killing cryptocurrency

interesting; that worked:
The last friend I assist with his Birdchain registration was user number 21,373. Meaning at the time of registering my friend, Birdchain has 21,373 registered users.This is why I think Birdchain will be a killer gain for all the holders.With a total supply of 287,504,830 / 21,373 = 13,452. This means with the current registered users, each user can only hold 13,452 Birdchain token. Imagine if Birdchain get just only 200,000 users.With the total supply of 287,504,830 / 200,000 = 1,438. This means with only 200,000 users, each user can only have 1,438 Birdchain token. Now tell me what the price per token will be if Birdchain lunch it complete product and engaged in marketing and attract just only 1 millions users.??????????.To create your birdchain account and start earning free crypto daily, use this link before. can also visit this blog for tutorail on how to registered your account.
U.S. teens choose crypto over gift cards and cash this holiday!

I'm 100+% confident that our 5 year future selves will look upon our present selves and see lots of should've, could've, would've opportunities not taken in terms of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

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their own govt is reported to be thinking about launching their own crypto

I am Indian man 😂 You follow every news like other.If they thinking about launching crypto then they already legal crypto in India and I am not saying Indian people don't know about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.😅

History of rankings and such:

Satoshi's ideology was to create a cryptocurrency independent of banks. Is XRP what Satoshi wanted?

Lawmakers look to change SEC's 72-year old securities definition to exclude cryptocurrencies

Here are the few steps that needs to happen for cryptocurrency adoption:Fiat currency has to inflateThe crypto has to have the capability of handling transction load.First after the collapse of fiat people will just buy any crypto, then they will move towards that one that can support their daily transactions.
Can someone tell me what's supposed to happen on Jan 3 ?

Its possible if digibyte substitutes for Bitcoin. Or would have to be a top 5 ranked cryptocurrency where the market cap that is higher than the all time high market cap of cryptocurrency. But we won't have to worry about any of that until governments are a proponent of cryptocurrency

Paris tobacconists branch out, start selling cryptocurrency - CoinGeek