Its possible if digibyte substitutes for Bitcoin. Or would have to be a top 5 ranked cryptocurrency where the market cap that is higher than the all time high market cap of cryptocurrency. But we won't have to worry about any of that until governments are a proponent of cryptocurrency

Digibyte on the moon?

Another reason to accumulate down here!

Digibyte to top 10

By utilizing the power of DigiByte Blockchain and DigiAssets protocol to improve the function and efficiency of the entire housing process, from finding roommates, to managing a rental, to eventually purchasing a property. VESTi's platform is here to take the middlemen (and the inefficiency) out of the housing market.

Vesti will be Huge.

vesti, Utrust, Digiasset, Digi Id, Digibyte blockchain and more behind the scene. seriously I don t understand why DGB is not in top 10 of crypto with value of 1€ minimal 👊🧐
Nigel DigiByte

please share the link of digibyte speculation group

Nigel DigiByte
Sure :)

as you are the admin, Please also add this bot to the main digibyte channel, because I have been a victim of a ban, because I forwarded some spammer's message in the group to be banned, instead I got ban, if they had the stats of me, I think the admins would have not banned me.