But maybe somebody else sees something that I don’t

If you release something like a real estate app when everyone wants to learn about blockchain and crypto all at once, it gets maximum exposure

When the bull market comes around average Joe’s are going to find out about something like this and they are going to show a great deal of interest

It's not always the best tech or product that prevails if people don't know about that. Countless case studies proving that.

so releasing it during a bull runs means people automatically find out about something and believe it's good? c'mon.

And be thankful that we actually have something to put out that could create more outreach FFS

Here is something you can’t possibly disagree with timing with certain things is everything

If you understand market cycles and market behavior The majority of people do their research when something is making big news in a positive way

Jared is doing the right thing whether if you want to agree with it or not

I don't know too much about it but I think bk is right some pumps actually are marketing. Delay of bad news could be unethical but delay of good news to help mass adoption.don't know if there is any wrong.

All I’m saying is I think you are going way too far with saying something like that based on no facts

Mud Boy
so... dgb github not active?

it is active but no one is commiting anything new to the project, maybe it's reaching maturity or they are developing something big and are busy with that.

Honestly why the fuck does Coinbase like Ethereum shit so much?

Coach Julian
Good job man!

Good job to you and everybody else! Were all in this together, all 1 team👍👍👍

Whatever it takes to help this project

It all helps, it all add us. Also, Bittrex I talked to them yesterday, have them on a private chat about DGB/USD pairing now. Some things happen fast, somethings take time, but were on it so you know

Nobody should ever align themselves with something that faces litigation every day

The cases are being shifted to federal courts
hahahahaha, even their ceo knows that he can be shut down

Currently they accept BTC, BTC Cash and EtH

We are trying to get onto Luno

If you need a bunch of folks tweeting at them or something ,I can arrange that.

if you see one comming, you should prolly do something.

Dgb needs to sponsor something. Like how btc sponsors karate fights

seriously BK, you need to go jump in a race car (a local High Performance Driving Event for a small fee), go skydive, go scuba dive.... something, anything. Preferably do multiples of something

Here are the few steps that needs to happen for cryptocurrency adoption:Fiat currency has to inflateThe crypto has to have the capability of handling transction load.First after the collapse of fiat people will just buy any crypto, then they will move towards that one that can support their daily transactions.

When the Bank of England tweet about Crypto, you know we are just around the corner of something big.

I don’t really care who you are but anyone that puts in a shit load of money into something like this to have a go to shit would make anyone lose their mind

And if I was that is not something I would ever disclose

How safe are wallets like ethos universal wallet or ?

Eth tokens for example. And DigiByte of course

Let’s see next hardfork of ETH in January

Batyr [Jan/3 🔑]
Let’s see next hardfork of ETH in January

Eth uses something other than UTXO blockchain, which has limitations when it comes to scalability.

what will be the blocksize to allow for that TPS?

I do not know exactly. They’ll also reduce block reward from 3 to 2 ETH

the first two infrastructural limitations are 12 sec sync time, plus the bandwidth of masses. so DGB has 15 second blocktime, so does ETH, blocksize will increase in both DGB and ETH the only thing left is supply of DGB and ETH, will these supply be enough to satisfy the need of applications and other things built upon these blockchain.

what will be the blocksize to allow for that TPS?

Ethereum has a block size limit due to the block gas limit enforced by the consensus protocol. The block gas limit is dynamically adjusted by miners. In each block, miners can increase or decrease the block size by a maximum of the previous block size divided by 1024.

Beekers McCluer
so you think dx is going to pump the entire market all by itself? that's even funnier.

I think I'll have to agree with coach, we have a gamblers chance of rising with DX. Remember not all coins are getting on there immediately, even if we get only 5% of the total money going into DX I believe it's something.

To do something decent

Beekers McCluer
gamblers don't take chances, they take the best risk vs reward.

You don't get the point. The point is... When you bet on something no matter how much the odds are against you, even if you have odds of 10% there a chance the 10% can fall in your favour.

but if dx did something for dgb specifically, then our rank should move up.

and just as I say that, ETH takes the lead.

Cheetah type coins for example ? N also Dont they all following btc

normal coins ETH, BTCH, LTC,BTCSV,TRON yes they follow BTC it is just that the volitility is very high as compared to BTC, you can go right now and check it for yourself.

Ethereum back to rank 2 😎

Maybe btc will hit 4500 and then drop again..hope something diffrent will happen soon..

@Hes24fit I'm thinking of tethering till Feb

Thether/DGB? Thoughts