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that's why we all work for the future of DGB, everyone in their own way 😊 no work = no gains

Sure, just think about the name of the group lol. I believe in DGB project (Dev. Community) and Jared Tate. They didn't have any interest in getting rich. Selling when is low is like play as an enemy of yourself. Just have a look back when the year started.

what's worse is they can sometimes join the enemy side & fight against what they fought for...

Lol, I think you're giving constructive criticism... Which is what I'm trying... We are not the enemies !

Even nem from the bottom of 1230 SATs to 4150

: This is what DGB has added in the last month, I am sure there are more, can't even keep track actually lol: Buyucoin BuyUcoin | India's first multi cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange, Buy and sell ... Buy, sell & exchange Crytocurrency – Bitcoin (btc), Ethereum (eth), ripple (xrp), Bitcoin cash (bcc), litecoin (ltc), neo (NEO), dash, omisego, nem, l...

Dwayne, when it goes against the policy, it's not enemy, it's just unethical

Between $100 - $150 MM DGB avg 24 hr volume since Sunday .... that's comparable to some Top 20 coins like NEM ... 🚀

Money goes $ to BTC to alts to BTC to $. Buy low, sell high..btc was low, alts were high. What was expected? The next round the alt low will be higher, so u tend to get bursts, and slow drops to higher lows, then bursts again.. Real alters know this, and hold. noobs panic, and then buy btc high..gamblers try to guess the highs and lows, sometimes it works, but they can get horribly burnt of they make one mistake. You need to choose which one you personally, i do research, buy alts i believe in, educate others, market the coin, hold, and make friends/enemies in the coins group

What do You Guys think about NEM

Digibyte is natural enemies competitor for altcoin and bitcoin

I got 7 mill so far c'mon down more baby 👶

I wish. Only got like 1k. Starting new job next week. After being unemployed for 6!’knths

Damn im down $15,900 with dgb lol I cant lie it hurts

I was down long time ago...128K....well with crypto you always need to be aware of your moves...listen to everyone trust none - believe in your self! DigiByte will fire up the ceiling looking at only 200BTC away from 800sat. so kindly...even that is hard, some game, go to the gym, read a book, maybe cinema...unless you want to trade in this market - DYOR

The iOS wallet is coming soon, with that you can store and recover multiple wallets offline and online based on a 12 word mnemonic recovery phrase, just like bread app for bitcoin. Also an Android version is coming. Alternatives: exodus (also currently beta) And possible jaxx in the future?

One: DGB is safe from any of their FUD. Two: they’re an ERC-20 themselves. Three: dumb idea to make direct enemies

I know we gonna get excited when the price start rising, but at 1$ i think it wise to take the profit to buy it back a little bit latter. Greedy is our number 1 enemy.

discovernow digibyte
what's up Ace? Hope you had a good weekend, I am hanging out on vacation in Palm Springs all week, my kids are on fall break. Was going to go to Austin see Jared speak, but wife is like family 1st, which I agree:-) Hope your doing well.

You and Jared is like Dre and Eminem, Ghost and Tommy , Virgil and Dante, Gerrard and Torres,Lampard and Drogba,Virgil and Dante,Biggy and Didi . Thanks for all you do for Digibyte and Jared. Respect .

For French friends good news the governement update the fiscality lawer for crypto. we tax just at 30% (before 36.2%) so more money that a good news 😁👍🇫🇷

I think having too many enemies in the crypto world starts taking its toll at some point. So yeah, that's Jared's weak point, unfortunately.

I feel like I’m in solitary confinement