Make another group channel for shock people like BK,dont be here!

You can ask in our miners group for more information. I dont mine at the moment

I'm curious what the coming months will bring. stock market down (where with the money?), postponed exchanges (in the past everything turned out to be the opposite of what we think).

Maybe the beginning of altseason? Look at waves past month

Same with Coinbasepro I can buy with olmost negligible fee at coinbase whith in 1/2 ouhr with bank transfer. But US dont have this luxury.

I did.

Do you get 1 month free if you do ?

Once had a bad dream 8months ago about BTC going to 2k, I saw people....

Batyr [Jan/3 🔑]

lol minimum 5x next month?

Dont forget the 3 off jan proof off keys day

Dont know them i only use Exodus ledger and atomic

And what i dont like about a Exchange they have controle over my coins so f them all i Will pay a bit more and OWN them

been telling you all for 6 months not to put all of your hope on this exchange..

Yes i know it's not available on largest markets. People wont only buy dgb they'll by others too. But our percentage of the crypro pie should rise

I just said we wont be singled out.

Until that happens the speculative nature of the market will continue where all that matters is name recognition and being part of the big boys club. IMO.

in the first 6 months of 2019 they are a lot of big event and launch in crypto sphere

I've heard about 'big stuff' for 18 months now. I don't believe any of it anymore. the only thing I look forward to is BTC halving.

why don't we start there if you want to continue this

I told my investors when you hear on the news btc is 20k then I will contact you before that don’t contact me

Bet Me
Does anyone know at what point dgb inflation rate will equal that of btc.

I don't really know if there's an answer to that due to all the differences between the 2. btc halves, dgb reduces by a percent per month. then there is per block reward, but then you have to take into account block speeds. so many variables would need to be equalized..

Otherwise u wont ever hit 1 usd

As for the MTR apparently you can get a "licence" by not having any past criminal activity and having a contact person - that is all. But the financial inspection has not approved the licence

Anybody going to short the pump or is this risky considering btc may see 4200-4300 if this uptrend continues?

I expect we will continue to follow the trend everyone else is following, though.

I thought the same, we dont know exactly. Long term no problem if we go down in sats or $ value. Maybe we see some alt season

dont forget

Tron shit is rise..dont know why

why bro? if you pay 10 or 20 dollar in a month is better than paying per order

crypto diamond
why bro? if you pay 10 or 20 dollar in a month is better than paying per order

you haven't done the math yet, then. 10 USD will cover fees on 4K USD on bittrex. 10K USD on polo. are average people spending 4-10K USD a month on crypto?

Soon they will be rekt. If BTC drops.. some groups jump into a random coin to make profit.That wont work under 3k

HrmI just dont get the vesti thingWhy did people need a blockchain to rent and find roommates?What problem is the blockchain trying to solve?

But dont believe me lol


There are two groups and this group the creator is not anymore and it will expire in 2 months the other group is active and if the creator goes away Jared Tate will be admin with full admin rights

Alanmasters on tradingview is a M.A.S.T.E.R. Sick gains! I came across this on twitter. This guy has 1600% profit in 3 months by only copying his trades.