When you have major cyber security hacks that can seriously degrade a company’s reputation

Everyone values cybersecurity

Cyber security is a very serious deal today

Cyber security will become $1 trillion industry

I know I told him that. Exodus maintains that it is the responsibility of the user to protect his or her private keys and seed in a safety deposit box or secure safe

Everyone can get behind cyber security

I also cannot think for the life of me of why Coinbase specifically looks for security, compliance and innovation AND decentralization but never considers this project at all

The SEC is going to take their good old time on deciding whether or not it is deemed a security

The SEC is going to take their good old time on deciding whether or not it is deemed a security

It won't stand a chance. They have 3 years to make a decision. How many years xrp been going. Legally sec has lost its opportunity.

You would’ve thought we were deemed a security

Ripple still has to worry about it being labeled a security

We are going down and it would be foolish to buy right this second

That's why you need it more than ever.We all knows the statistic that at least one person who works in paper market do suicide.I don't want to be that guy.So I learn to control my emotions.Simply lay down on a chair or in your bed.Take a slow deep breath.Until tour lung are in the max capacity.Hodl for few second and release.Repeated as much as you need.It work.At least give it a try.

curved/decelerated drops; the second less of a drop than the first

we need the sucker back in the orange or green section


Is XRP security or not? That’s a question

Transactions per Second

i was also an animal for a few seconds

Lawmakers look to change SEC's 72-year old securities definition to exclude cryptocurrencies

Doesn’t mean anything. DGB is not a security anyway

Adz Dee
Given it’s been a couple of years

hey just checked their site, in the media section you will see that big media outlets have covered them, so I think they are doing marketing, where as digibyte is only got a very small mention in techcrunch article.DGB needs marketing.

nope, that won't help, we need to cater to the right audience, think of it as hierarchy.First target crypto enthusiastSecond Crypto SpeculatorThird Crypto asset deverlopersFourth small businessessixth gamers and normal can see that these people will be found stuck to the computer phone and getting them on to the platform will be much easier

Batyr [Jan/3 🔑]

hey i am second on activity, I didn't know that

Transfer all to dgb first super quick in 10 sec in the Wallet just WoW!

The problem is that there aren't suitable wallets for all the coins. Dgb is easy cos it goes to ledger nano s. Some other coins are more difficult as it's like taking from one unsecure location to another unsure location. Or even more hackable like mew or exodus. Shame they can't all be put on nano s.

the first two infrastructural limitations are 12 sec sync time, plus the bandwidth of masses. so DGB has 15 second blocktime, so does ETH, blocksize will increase in both DGB and ETH the only thing left is supply of DGB and ETH, will these supply be enough to satisfy the need of applications and other things built upon these blockchain.

Coach Julian
I said last week we should sponsor an event..a fighting event... And then Litecoin sponsors the next UFC event on tomorrow...

Lol no need to sponsor I think what jared/ dev team are doing is perfect wait and wait a lot off things are happening just read all crypto news worthless ICO/ coins are are going down , best focus is speed and security the last 1 will boost dgb if dgd will impossible to hack

Why is paragon bull shit? I thought the sec had ruled in there favour or is that the just fake news? Anyone know?

Adz Dee
>$0.15 is a fallacy guys and girls

....? Couldn’t disagree with you more , but hey i am an optimistic coming in the second day of 2019 😂

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